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two cards how to search for channels?

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Hello to All,

I have two DVB-S/S2 cards in my PC, a Technisat PCI SkyStar and a TBS 6522 PCI-E. (Plus an Astromera USB DVB-T2/C.) I can see all the tuners under the Hardware menu but I cannot choose which card should the software use when I am launching channel search. There should be an option for that. (Or is there an option???)  Now, the program is using the TBS card, nothing else...

Thanks, Aron C.

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Channels aren't connected to a TV card. But to a reception type.


Can both DVB-S2 cards receive the same sat positions?

If yes you need only one DVB-S channel scan.

If not additional configurations a necessary to tell the DVBViewer which card can receive what.


If one TV card is in use e.g. for a recording and you tune a different DVB-S channel the DVBViewer will use the other DVB-S card.


For DVB-T2 and for DVB-C you need additional channel scans to use them as well.

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under hardware/status you can change zhe status of your devices. if you dont want to use a device. just turn it off and make a channelscan.



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I would suggest to simple assign a different group to the specific sat positions and assign these groups to the tuners in the hardware section. There is currently 8 groups (A-H) so you can create groups for 8 physical tuners. The groups can be also shared between the tuners (once you record one channel you can use different tuner to watch the same group).

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If both cards have access to all transponders e.g. via a multiswitch you have to do nothing. The 1st card is used 1st also for a channel scan. If you want the other card to perform a scan just put it in the 1st place by drag & drop.

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