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Found 1 result

  1. I've had RS running on an older PC for some years now without a problem. However, this PC has developed a nasty habit of crashing and resetting the boot order, so basically if I'm not around to fix it it can't be rebooted. So I've moved the satellite cards and RS over to a newer more powerful and reliable machine. I've got the hardware part to work fine using unicast, but I can't get RS to connect, also the option for this service is not available in the drop-down list only the original service and if I manually enter the values the connection test fails. Furthermore, when I click on the web interface option on the RS tray icon nothing happens. I have tried disabling my security software in case that was blocking. Is there something I've forgotten? I've been through the online help and can't see anything else that I need to do. I've also looked at how the original PC was configured compared to the new one and can't spot any noticeable differences, excepting that the original was running windows 7 32bit and the new one is windows 7 64bit.
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