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jaLCDs Config for jaLCDs Plugin


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today I've rewritten the jaLCDs config coming with the jaLCDs Plugin:


jaLCDs Config for DVBViewer by Steffen Vogel

Version 1.4

E-mail:   steffen_computerfreaks@gmx.net or 
DVBV forum:   steffenvogel
ICQ: 176824121
MSN:   steffen_computerfreaks@hotmail.com
Web:   http://vogellan.dyndns.org

1. Copy DVBViewer.cfg in your jaLCDs Folder
2. Copy dvbv.char in your jaLCDs Folder
3. restart jaLCDs for reloading the char file
4. Choose the cfg file from jaLCDs menu

-Broadcast Logos
-Better description displaying
-Some more futures (sorrely the jaLCDs Plugin dont have many futures)

sry my english isnt so good, im a german student ^^

mfg Steffen



The config is made for 4*20 displays. But u can get the code for using it with other displays



I added

-a bar for showing the status of the current broadcast.

-a nice DVBViewer logo

-a detection for current status of DVBViewer

-Backlight turns off if DVBViewer is closed

-a charfile including logos for some broadcasting stations. I think i'll including them into the config next version.


I tried to seperate the EGP description into 2 lines. I think there is a better way, because sometimes there is only a description with less then 10 characters. Next version will get a better way to solve this.


OK at the end now a little wish to the developers of the jaLCDs Plugin:

-some more futures (variables)

-support for DVD, movie, and music playback

-please correct the following bug:

if you switch to a channel without an egp. You get the egp from the last channel.

Simply send a void variable to jaLCDs.


OK enough for today, thanks



Perhaps the admins can ad this config to die pluginpackage in the membersarea?





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Here the next update (1.5):

-fix: description scrolling

-add: a little sample picture in my signature :bye:


mfg Steffen


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