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H.264 Param Reader


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Posted Sep 27 2005, 11:22 AM


I've uploaded a H.264 Kit to the members area, beta section, that enables watching / recording and playback of H.264 HDTV test transmissions.


The kit contains:


- DVBViewer Filter 2.4.2 with an additional H.264 output pin.


- TSPlayer 1.6.1 with enabled H.264 TS file playback.


You may use DVBViewer GE 1.6.3 (just uploaded) for receiving and recording H.264 streams. Please read the ReadMe file that is included in the H.264 Kit!. Things won't work without it.


H.264 TS files can also be played with DVBViewer GE 1.6.3. For enabling this feature, open the file Setup.ini with a text editor and insert the following line in the frmMain section::





It affects file playback only and is not required for watching/recording the live stream. Please note: After enabling it, MPEG2 files may be mistaken for H.264 under certain (rare) circumstances. Simply delete the line again if you want DVBViewer GE to return to its normal behaviour.


Watching / playing the BBC test transmissions on Astra 23°E 11482 V (see here) requires a work-around, since the video and audio time stamps (PTS) don't match, which prevents the filter graph from playing video.


After having installed the H.264 version of the DVBViewer Filter, open the file DVBSource.ini with a text editor (or create it in the DVBViewer folder) and add the following line to the Params section





It lets the DVBViewer Filter ignore the wrong video time stamps, so that they are not passed on to the filter graph. However, it may cause unwanted side effects when receiving other H.264 transmissions.

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Posted Nov 6 2005, 10:38 PM


I've deleted the H.264 Kit from the members area and replaced it by a new H.264 version 2.5 of the DVBViewer Filter (see Plugins Section), since the official TSPlayer now fully supports H.264 playback.


The Videorecorder Plugin and TSPlayer have been updated too (version 3.2 resp. 1,7).




- Correct H.264 format detection by DVBViewer Filter 2.5, TPlayer 1.7 and VRPlugin 3.2 - H.264 headers hacked :)


...except the frame rate, that could not be retrieved from the Sequence Parameter Set. So don't rely on it - always 25 fps as default.


- Recording of H.264 as MPG with Videorecorder Plugin 3.2 resp. TS -> MPG conversion with TSPlayer 1.7.


- Playback of MPG files containing H.264 with DVBViewer Filter and TSPlayer.


Please read the ReadMe for further information.


It has been quite a lot of (interesting) work - however, to no avail at the moment. :D Maybe it will pay later...

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Posted Apr 14 2006, 12:35 PM


A new H.264 Kit is available in the Members Area, Plugins Section. It contains:


- The H.264 DVBViewer Filter 2.7.3


- TSPlayer 1.7.2


- H264ParamReader 1.1, a tool for reading H.264 TS files and displaying various H.264 video parameters. May be useful for analyzing streams that don't play correctly.




- The H.264 DVBViewer Filter contains all improvements of the latest "normal" DVBViewer Filter 2.7.2.


- TSPlayer provides a dropdown list for selecting the H.264 decoder (see Settings Tab).


- The DVBViewer Filter and TSPlayer format detection can cope with H.264 High Profile (previously only up to Extended Profile). That's what the HDForum H.264 stream contains - it plays pretty well with the CoreAVC decoder now.


The High Profile handling has not been implemented completely yet (quite complicated stuff...). If you ever encounter a stream for which the H264ParamReader displays


seq_scaling_matrix_present_flag = 1


please record a sample as TS (20 MB will do :) ), upload it to some webspace and let me know... then I will do the rest.


Please refer to the included ReadMe for more details!

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Posted Apr 18 2006, 09:47 PM


The H.264-Kit has been updated in the Members Area, Plugins Section.


H.264 DVBViewer Filter -> Version 2.7.4


TSPlayer -> Version 1.7.3


H264ParamReader -> Version 1.2


Changes (in all three executables)


Fixed: Emulation_prevention bytes in the H.264 headers weren't skipped, causing wrong evaluation.


Added: Frame rate detection. Still some guessing involved... try how it works


Added: Additional debug information in the H264ParamReader: Position of the sequence_parameter_set in the file and the PES packet, number of evaluated bytes.


However, the CoreAVC seems to ignore the frame rate reported by the DVBViewer Filter. Even random values don't change anything (Due to a bug the DVBViewer Filter reported 1.2 or 2 fps here... worked like a charme :) ).


Concerning the "DVBViewer GE doesn't play H.264 files" problem: Please consider the following:


- H.264 file playback has to be activated in the Setup.ini, as described in the H.264 Kit Readme.


- You really have to take care wich H.264 decoder DVBViewer GE uses - see H.264 Kit ReadMe and View -> Filters.


- Is the DVBViewer Filter selected for playback of TS files? See Settings -> Options -> DirectShow.


- High Profile content will not be detected as H.264, since DVBViewer GE 1.9.4 has not been updated yet in this respect.


DVBViewer GE plays all my H.264 TS snippets quite happily. If it doesn't on your PC, it would be helpful if you could upload 20..50 MB of that stuff to some webspace and PM me.

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Posted May 26 2006, 09:29 PM


I've updated the H.264 Kit in the members area, plugins section:


DVBViewer Filter


- Format detection bug (concerning H.264 live playback) fixed.


- Another small fix that avoids an exception if the DVBSource.ini file can't be written on closing.




- Now catches exceptions caused by StringToGuid function calls resp. corrupted registry entries.


- Fix: The number of written bytes on the Conversion Tab wasn't updated when cutting / extracting from TS to TS.


H264ParamReader 1.2.1


- Rejects MPEG2 content by displaying an error message


- Some smaller enhancements

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Posted May 29 2006, 10:24 PM


Another update of the H.264 Kit in the Members Area, Plugins Section, due to organisational reasons.




- DVBViewer Filter updated to version 2.8. Read more about it here. In future there will be no separate DVBViewer Filter versions with / without H.264 support anymore.


- TSPlayer with some smaller enhancements. Additional aspect ratios can be selected on the Settings Tab. Slightly changed H.264 format detection (same as in the DVBViewer Filter 2.8) that enables playback of H.264 files created by the Cyberlink Encoder (I got a sample file that couldn't be played due to the strange packet structure. Now it works). Doesn't concern DVB H.264 streams.


- Batch files for convenient registering / unregistering of the DVBViewer Filter added. Please note: Since the filename changed from PushSource_H264.ax to PushSource.ax, it has to be registered in any case. Store the file Register_DVBSource in the Filters folder and double-click it. After that you may delete the file PushSource_H264.ax.


- H264_ReadMe updated, DVBSource 2_8 ReadMe added.

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Posted Jun 3 2006, 09:36 PM


I've extracted all H.264 Kit announcements from this thread, now renamed to "H.264 Kit discussion", in order to enable newcomers to locate the basic H.264 Kit information

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Posted Jun 5 2006, 01:41 AM


Some information about the H.264-relevant changes / features in DVBViewer GE 2.0 (just uploaded):


- The package contains the DVBViewer Filter 2.8 (H.264-capable version).


- The Settings -> Options -> DirectShow tab allows to select the H.264 video decoder that shall be used.


- Settings -> Options -> General -> Enable H.264 playback. If you untick this checkbox, DVBViewer GE prevents H.264 video playback. Audio remains enabled. You may use it for H.264 recording without high CPU load.


The former EnableH264 entry in the Setup.ini, frmMain section, that enabled H.264 file playback in DVBViewer GE, is not effective anymore.


- The Channel Auto-Update function (see Channel menu) detects H.264 video streams, corrects wrong channellist entries and automatically rebuilds the filter graph in this case.


- The Edit Tab in the Channellist Window allows to adjust the Video Type (MPEG2 / H.264), in case the scanner has not detected it correctly.


- Some smaller adjustments concerning the DVBViewer GE H.264 capabilities.


The Preview (Picture in Picture) function doesn't support H.264 video yet.

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The H.264 Kit has been removed from the Members Area.


- The DVBViewer Filter 2.8.1 is available as "official" release in the Members Area, Plugins Section. There are no separate DVBViewer Filter versions with / without H.264 support anymore, as already mentioned.


- TSPlayer 1.7.4, that is capable of playing TS and MPG files with H.264 content, will become part of a new release of the Videorecorder Plugin Package (will be uploaded tonight).


- The H.264 Param Reader 1.2.1 is now available separately in the Members Area, Tools Section.


Additionally I will provide new DVBViewer GE release 2.0.2 ASAP, containing all H.264 and DVB-S2 enhancements of the last weeks.


With other words: The experimental H.264 phase with lots of test- and beta-versions is over. Thanks to all who have contributed their experience and knowledge! :bye:

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  • 1 year later...

The H.264 Param Reader 1.3.0 is now available in the Members Area, Tools Section. Please refer to the included ReadMe for more information.




- New: Reads the Sequence_Parameter_Set from M2TS (Blue Ray) files containing H.264 video.


- Enhanced: More readable output by adding header lines and indenting sections.


- Added: seq_scaling_list evaluation for high profile H.264 (if seq_scaling_matrix_present_flag = 1)


- Added: Evaluation of three more aspect_ratio_idc values that have been added to the H.264 specifications.


- Added: Displays nal_hrd_parameters and vcl_hrd_parameters if present.

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