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New widescreen skin

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I have taken the liberty to reformat the New Default skin to fit 16:9 widescreens more properly with correct aspect ratio.


All of the windows and dialogs has been reformated and also the images has been resized to be 16:9 in aspect.


I have also taken the liberty to change the Timeline window to be a little bit larger to fit more channels.


The resoultion is 1024x576, I first began to reformat to 1368x768 but I found that the text in most cases and also graphics became to small to be readable when wiewing from a large distance, so now the resolution is a little bit less than my fist attempt.


If you find any bugs in the layout please notify med using the forum and post in this thread.


Edit: I just sent the new skin to Bernd so please wait for the new skin to be uploaded, it will be called: "New default Widescreen"

The old "New Def skin HD" is not good and has several layout errors so ignore that one.

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I saw that the channel logos were in the wrong aspect so I changed that and uploaded a new version again.


Here are some snapshots of some various screens:










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Hi Kurben,

i use your HD-Skin on my 42"-Plasma display and it's look really nice (thanks!).

but my be its a small bug in the Screen for video-, music-selection if you use the

skin without background. In this case you do'nt see the frame around the menu.




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Just tried this osdskin, looks great but gives me a major problem, aspect ratio changes are more or less confined to the 4:3 area of the screen. With the default skin all is OK with my 16:9 LCD screen.


Other comments, mainly cosmetic:-

The yellow and blue 'radio buttons' in the bottom right hand side are not in the corner on most screens and their labels look too far away compared to red and green buttons in the bottom left hand side.

'Weather forecast' is in German language, I managed to change that one in myweather.xml. I noticed that myweather.xml for the default osdskin doesn't have the line <label>Weather forecast</label>, perhaps I should have just deleted the line, don't know.


Quick question. Are the scripts included with the download any different from the default?

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Nice to see that the skin is still in use.


Hackbart: If you want you can add the skin to the installation package, I don't mind. I make no rights to it as the graphics used are yours from the begining.

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I have just migrate to Vista x64, and this skin works very bad in full screen...key response is very slow or just doesn't work. I've tried Concinyti 3D too...the same result.



When DVBViewer is windowed, skin works great.


I've tried with EVR and VMR9.


I've Ati 4870X2 with last Catalyst drivers



Any help?

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I have LCD with 16:10 resolution and Default skin made for 4:3 or 16:9 wasn't look very well on it.


So I took skin editor and resized Default skin from DVBViewer to fit 16:10 widescreens. ;) Also all needed images are resized for correct aspect ratio.


Now this skin looks much better on widescreen LCD and OSD pages fit more info, no more stretched fonts or channel logos. :)



post-84899-1250020000_thumb.jpg post-84899-1250019996_thumb.jpg




Skin resolution: 922x576

Aspect ratio: 16:10








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I'm glad to see that the skin is useful also for others. I believe that there is a lot of DVBViewer users with widescreen 16:10 LCDs.


Maybe add this version to the installation would be also good idea. :angry:

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Maybe add this version to the installation would be also good idea. :angry:


That's an excellent idea.


By the way, if I want to make my own logo images to fit this, what dimensions should they be? I've been using 132x92 images.



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I have just migrate to Vista x64, and this skin works very bad in full screen...key response is very slow or just doesn't work. I've tried Concinyti 3D too...the same result.


When DVBViewer is windowed, skin works great.



I have same problem with slow OSD skins, but only in fulscreen and with refresh rates below 60Hz. I use 1920x1080@50Hz, and OSD is very "lazy", but if I change to 60Hz, everything seems to be ok (but watching at 60Hz is unnaceptable because of PAL25i).


I thing, this is not a DVBViewer problem, but OS or graphic card problem.



WinXP Pro, NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS, DVBViewer 4.2.1, ffdshow video decoder, Overlay mixer.

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Dowloaded that skin from member area, but some elements are wrongly placed. Tried correct some of them and managed most of it, but as shown in attachment, in timeline page, location of timeline doesn't match with current time. How to fix that?


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Hi Kurben, your new skin is great using full or large screen.

I'm running DVB on my desktop PC (22" Monitor), also listening radio. Radio doesn't need a large window, so I resize the windows small, and here I find a problem: the letters show a too low resolution RDS text, it's not readable. I guess, a font with more pixels would show readable text in a small window.

What do you think? Is it possible? I don't want to miss this skin ...

fw43412 :original:

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On 3/18/2011 at 6:21 PM, Thomas said:

I also have a problem with the timeline.


Has anything been done to this problem? I use this skin and encounter this same problem!

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