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Astra & Hotbird channellist


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Are this kind of TV card suitable ? I work with Windows 7 Ultimate.

I have understood that with DVB  Media Server I can scan the Hotbird , is it true ?Can I buy and use it ? 




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That is a Pcmcia Express to USB adapter.

That has nothibg to do with TV.

A new window will not help if yor car has no wheels.


And if you need encrypted channels, you need a TV card with CI and a CAM and smart card fitting to the TV channels you plan to whach


You need to show your PC to someone in person how knows how a PC work and what a TV card is.


If that is not posible don't use the PC for TV. Use a receiver.



Even if you are able to by a TV card. You will not be able to install it properly.


Somone how dosent know the difference between a wheel and a window, is not able to replace the light engin of a car.


It will not work without you getting someone with more knowledge to help you. It is not possible to do this here in the forun or via e-mail!


Don't expect and future answers from me until you have a working TV card with proper installed BDA drivers. And then post a support.zip

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On 5/15/2017 at 2:41 PM, Tjod said:

II am not familiar with forum , just I thank you agin and the problem was solved . You know what was the prolem ? The dVB USB was discomnnected from my computer :):D:bye:



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DVB-S2 receiver (with HDD for recordings), are easier to handle without PC knowledge then DVB at the PC.



And the channels in you channel list are all internet streams. Some of them may use geoblocking on the server (to only allow users from certain contrary where they have the licence for there material). And other channels are maybe blocked by your provider. If you cant assess Wikipedia, mostly streams from news channels are also blocked.

And Turkey is only for users of "Deutsche Telekom" eave I cant access them.

Other streams in the list are HLS streams. But finding streaming URLs which work in Turkey, can only be found by someone in Turkey.



There are maybe IPTV providers in Turkey. But only someone how is a customer of them and has PC knowledge can build and maintain a channel list for them.


which brings us back to the DVB-S2 receiver

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Again I a[appreciate your pation and knowledge . I am happy with my DVB pro because I can get IRIB and Iranian News Network IRNN which are very useful to me . I have learned a lot from you  . Fortunately I havent symptom of alzheimetr ! 




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