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[RELEASE] RadLight SHOUTcast Source Filter

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Guest DAvenger

Hello :D


RadLight SHOUTcast DirectShow Source Filter has been released this evening B)


This is the first beta release so it still may have some issues (see the homepage for more details) but the basic functionality should work just fine :D


You can download the binary + sample application in Delphi + Delphi/C++ header files at http://developer.radlight.net


While it might be more interesting for developers out there, at least you can be sure that SHOUTcast will be supported natively in the upcoming DVBViewer & RadLight 4 :D



Any suggestions & ideas are welcome at RadLight Community Forums


Hope you'll like it :angry:

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Great job. About the small startup glitch, I realized that the RadLight filter starts immediately playback. Other players need a while and start then. Maybe they do some kind of secondary buffering.


Anyway, once started the filter plays flawlessly.

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The filter uses a 128KB buffer that must be filled up to 60% at startup before it actually starts playing. The thing is that the server seems to be sending data TOO FAST - data arrives faster than it is actually played and this makes the buffer overflow at startup..... but after a while everything works fine... :D:angry: ..strange

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Guest DAvenger

Hi Crypto B)


Basically, everything depends on the level of feedback we get on this. If people like it, we will continue improving it (now), if not ... we will move on to something more interesting :D and finish the SHOUTcast stuff later (for RadLight 4) :D


So stuff like custom buffer size and custom startup position etc. could be added if requested :angry:


Support for our filter is already implemented in R4 ... just register the filter and click Open URL :D

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Guest DAvenger

Status update B)


* New buffering and pre-buffering added (levels are customizable)

* Should work fine on all stations now (ie. not only 44,1 KHz)

* No more buffer overflow :(

* Metadata parsing (this is really THE creepy part of SHOUTcast)


Hopefully, we will see Icecast support soon :lol:


Any chance to have this filter supported in DVB Portal? ;)

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And how can i use it in DVBViewer? As plugin (plugin directory) or as filter (filter directory)? Or only standalone?


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Guest DAvenger

Register the filter (or put it into Filters directory). Then select "Open URL" from the main menu and enter server address + port :(


Actually, DVBViewer just crashed on this :S Hmm, maybe Christian should look into this ;)

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Guest hackbart

i really really did not found any error inside the DVBViewer, because i simply use "->renderfile" for creating the graph. I also tested the latest filter and it worked for more than 500minutes while playing digitally imported ;)



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@Davanger: have you updated download in the Customer Area here in the Board to or only the radlight developer site?


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Guest DAvenger

Not yet. It's planned for today. I hope :lol:


EDIT: Delayed once again. :( Anyway, Christian will have to change few things in order to make it work correctly in DVBViewer ;)

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