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I've uploaded a new version. There are no new features inside, but i can now say its definitively 100% Vista compatible - if all drivers used (e.g. graphic adapter, dvb-device) also work under vista.


The other changes where:




[*] Fix: Vista Titlebar was not hidden in fullscreen mode


[*] Add: new turkish language


[*] Add: partially CI support for KNC1 Adapters (KNCBDACTRL.dll required, not included!)


[*] Change: removed post processors


A couple of people asked me in the past what will be added next, so i think it might be fair to introduce two upcoming features:


The first one which is in progress is a completely new channel management (don't panic it will be much more simplified), and the second big step is the direct3d osd/video engine. In the last weeks i studied my old notes of the math class, since the 3rd and 4th semester is ages ago i forgot a lot of basics :bounce:



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