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Firedtv Remote Plugin

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I uploaded a Input plugin for the FireDTV remote into the Membersarea.


This Plugin enables you to use the remote controls of FireDTV cards directly with the DVBViewer Pro.




- Extract the archive into the DVBViewer Pro Plugin folder.

- Start DVBViewer und choose options -> Input -> Input Plugins

- You should see the "FireDTV remote" plugin in the plugin list.

- Activate it by checking the box in front of the plugin name.

- Select settings (button on the lower right). This shows the settings dialog of the plugin. <-- only needed for V. 1.1 of the plugin.

- In this dialog select the device you want to use. Leave the dialog by pressing OK. <-- only needed for V. 1.1 of the plugin.

- Now you can learn the remote keys in the "Input" section of the DVBViewer options.



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you can save the configuration, Options -> Input -> "Save".

Normaly your keyboard and remote keys are saved in the file "default.remote", who you can find in "C:\Program Files\DVBViewer Pro 3.6\Remotes".


I'll send it tou you by PM
please post this as attachment in the forum, other users will thank you for assistance.



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I have three FireDTV receivers connected (DVB-S, DVB-C and DVB-T).

When using the plug-in I get every command three times. Wood it be possible to select the receiver to be used for remote control reception like is done in the remote control software of Digital-Everywhere?

At the moment I have covered to of the three I/R receivers with is preventing this problem, but it is not a very elegant solution.

Is it possible to select a file (on disk) to be played using the remote controller (I don't use the OSD part of DVBViewer)?

Thank for this great software!

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Is it possible to select a file (on disk) to be played using the remote controller

Yes use the OSD for it. That's what it's for.

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There is an Betaversion in the Betasection of the membersarea. Version 1.1 enables you to choose the device for using the remote.


If you own only one FireDTV device you don't need this beta! There are no new functions.


Please select the device in the Options -> Inputplugins -> Settings dialog.


Further instructions in the first post or the readme of the plugin.

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Here it is. :D

Rename the attached file removing .zip extension.



This doesn't work, or maybe you have done a weird config of your remote ;)

There is only a few buttons that works with this config.


But I can't config it by myself either. How do I tell DVBViewer to map a specific button to an action?

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In the Options -> Input section.



Forgot to tell you...that doesn't work for me. Should I have the learn button pressed? And then? I have used MyTheatre for three years now and in that program you choose the action and then press the according button on the remote. How does it work in DVBViewer? When I mark an action (i.e. exit function) and then press power button on the remote, then the zoom settings pop up ;) The fact is that the remote doesn't recognize it is in learn mode. It uses the ordinary actions.

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But then I can not start DVBViewer with the remote, right?

correct. either you use the native DVBV plugin control, or you have to read through the docs of the FireDTV remote app and adjust it accordingly. The internal control is a little more flexible though...

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Never mind...It was only a stupid layout in input section. The number actions are not in order. First comes number 3, then u have to scroll down to find number 1, 0 and 7. Further down comes number 4, and next comes number 5 to 9.


Thank you for help anyway ;)

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The number actions are not in order. First comes number 3, then u have to scroll down to find number 1, 0 and 7. Further down comes number 4, and next comes number 5 to 9.

Strange, here there are in the correct order.

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Another issue....


Is there a shortcut to switch from TV mode to DVD mode? I.e. when I press STOP button in DVD mode it automatically switch to TV mode. Then I want to return to DVD mode continuing watching the movie. But there seems to be no option for that :)


Also, there is no option to use the SUB-T button on the remote to switch subtitle languages on the fly in DVD mode.

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You can start the DVD Again through myVideos. In the next release there will be an action to start dvd playback, so you will be able to map that to a button, too.


For SUB-T you could map the action "OSD Show Subtitle Menu". You have to add an input for that. There are some more interesting OSD Actions to discover :)

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I can't get any commands acknowledged from the remote. I tried the regular and then the beta and selected my device.

I have installed the latest BDA light drivers and DVBViewer. Nothing else. I don't have an RC icon in my taskbar.


Is there anything else that needs to be installed for this to work?

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Hi again,

so i've maybe found an excellent solution but need some informations to make it works.

Using the RC modeul provided with the FloppyDTV, I can emulate keyboard keys, but in order to configure I need the exhaustive hexa codes list, and to know to witch button every hexa codes apply.


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  • 4 weeks later...

1. close the firedtv remote programm

2. make sure the viewer finds the "FiresatApi.dll". Normally he should detect it via registry and the firedtv app installation. This may fail, to make sure the viewer can find it copy it from your programs\firedtv\tools folder into the DVBViewer program folder.

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I've firedtv remote installed following the procedure. It's working , but i can't learn new mapping

for remote ??? :blush: I can see mapping for firedtv in option/keyboard/shortcut but if try to learn nothing is learn.

If i close remote control application in system tray i can't control DVBViewer from remote.


Any idea ?


DVBViewer 3.9 is installed

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Don't mix things up, please. There are two ways to use the FireDTV remote in DVBViewer:


1. with the external Aplication from Digitaly Everywhere included in the driver (shown as "RC" in Systemtray). The software has to be running and you can configure keys in some ini file for that software. Codes for the buttons are in the pdf some posts earlier. You just need to learn the keys in DVBViewer, but you need to do it manually, because the name of the options window isn't DVBViewer (if I remember correctly), so just look up the key strokes and learn them in DVBViewer.


2. Use the DVBViewer Plugin. You have to close the Application from DE and remove it from autorun! Install the plugin for DVBViewer and enable it in options->input->plugins. Select the correct device in its settings. After that you should be able to learn the buttons of the remote for your desired actions. You need to learn every button you want to use. If you want to use the remote to start DVBViewer, have a look at the DVBViewer starter beta.

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Even if i close the applicaion in system tray it doesn't work, no learning possible !


In plugin remote i can activate the api firedtv but if i click settings i can't see remote device, is it normal ?

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