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DVBViewer Pro 3.6.2.xx Beta


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In the Betasection of the Membersarea is a new beta of the DVBViewer Pro.


This version has some major changes in the CI area, so don't use it as a produktion system. This is defenitly a beta!



You need a working DVBViewer Pro Installation. Make a duplicate of the DVBViewer folder and extract the beta into the duplicate folder. Make a Backup of your datafolder. If you don't know where your data folder resides DO NOT USE THE BETA. It is for advanced users only and not suitable for beginners. ;)


The best solution, to make sure no data is lost: Work as Admin and use Usermode 0. If you use Vista you are used to living at the edge and with danger so don't worry about your data, usermode 0 won't work for you. :wacko:


If you own a DVB-S2 device: First open the hardware options in DVBViewer and check if the DVB-S2 checkbox for the DVB-S2 device is checked. If not please do so manually or do a manual rescan of the devices.


There is another new option "Send only encrypted channels to CI" which might be handy: If you experience problems or discontinuities while tuning with a CAM device, try checking / unchecking this option.


Please post all reports to the english or deutsch beta forum.


Version BETA 3.6.2


[*]Add: MMI support for FireDTV. Thanks @ www.digital-everywhere.com

If you encounter problems please copy the "FiresatApi.dll" file from the firedtv folder into the DVBViewer folder.


[*]Reworked: Reworked CI support, please test.


[*]Add: Hardware Options: Added a "Send only encrypted channels to CI", if you experience problems with this release try checking this option and please report back with Device and CAM-Type.


[*]Add: Hardware Options: Added DVB-S2 checkbox. This will normally set by the appliction and avoid problems with dvb-s card trying to tune dvb-s2 channels. Please rescan your Hardware or check this manually for existing configurations.


[*]Add: Devices: Added support for Hauppauge DVB-S2 device. You need to rescan the dvb-s2 transponders with the provided new transponderslists.


[*]Fix: EPGwindow: after resizing the details to zero and restarting the DVBViewer the details could not be resized.


[*]Add: Devices: Added Grigas workaround for 2 x Cinergy 1400-T -> SkipComponents entry must be added manually to both device entries in the hardware.xml.


[*]Fix: Multimonitor: If Lastposition of DVBViewer window was on a monitor non existent on next start the window is now moved to the primary monitor.


[*]Fix: Recording: Encrypted Audio/Video data is not written anymore to the recording, only pat/pmt.


[*]Add: Channelscan: Added support for Hauppauge dvb-s2 device parameters.


[*]Fix: Channelscan: Fixed blindscan didn't check other polarities.


[*]Fix: FireDTV: Channelscan with Open whole transponder disabled didn't work.


[*]Change: COM: The Hardware interface now works as exspected. You can get the device names and if active the signal data.


[*]Add: Interface: Added new Vista Iconset for symbolbuttons in main window.


[*]Change: Timezone: Now Timezones with halfhour offsets are possible.

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I uploaded a new Beta.


Version BETA


[*]Fix: Fixed DVB-S2 Problems with TT 3200 introduced in last beta.


[*]Fix: Fixed bug tuning with a NovaS Plus introduced in last beta.


[*]Fix: Fixed serveral issues when importing channel.ini from GE or Transedit.


[*]Change: Channellist does now remember the last selected channel when changing filtering.


[*]Fix: Fixed inconsistencies in encrypted checking.


For further informations please read the above post.

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The next Beta:

Version BETA


[*]Fix: Channelscan: channelscan problems with TT 3200 introduced in last beta are fixed.


[*]Add: Channelscan window: Added a signal indicator.


[*]Fix: Channelscan window: Fixed serveral visual problems.


[*]Fix: Channelscan is now done without CI tuning.


[*]Fix: Twinhan CI support: caPMT generation completly rewritten. Does fix problems with encrypted channels on finnish DVB-T(?).


[*]Fix: Channelscan: On a update scan duplicate channels in the channellist where counted several times, only a display error.


For further informations please read the above posts!


I included a textfile with settings not accessible via the options dialog (hidden settings) but maybe useful for some people. :bye:




If you have a device with a BDA driver and it's not a FireDTV or FloppyDTV:

Please make sure in Options ->Hardware the "Open whole Transponder" Option is checked for the devices!

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The next Beta:

Version BETA


[*]Fix: BDA-Hardware: fixed problems when unchecking open whole transponder in hardware options.


[*]Fix: Channeleditor: "no epg" was wrongly displayed as checked.


[*]Fix: Preview Options: the video decoder for preview got lost on restart.


[*]Fix: Radiomode: In radiomode the statusbar disappeared after stopping the graph.


[*]Reworked: Autoplay: ...works now with DVD, CD, Photo and MediaCD/DVD.


[*]Add: Options: Added and/or reworked the autoplay options for DVD, AudioCD and Images.


[*]Add: Commandline: If a folder or drive is a commandline parameter, the autoplay manager tries to determinate what format it is and plays it.


[*]Add: Drag'n'Drop: Folders (and drives) can now be dropped onto the DVBViewer window for playback.


[*]Change: Inputoptions: Reworked the appearance of the input options a little bit.


[*]Add: Inputoptions: Added more commands to the input options.


[*]Add: DVD Playback: Added action to start DVD Playback (see input options or actions.ini).


[*]Fix: Hardware: Fixed error in DVB-S2 detection of HVR-4000.


[*]Fix: Options channels: starting playback while tuned to a options or portal channel didn't reset the subchannel list...


[*]Change: Toolbar buttons: Reworked icon sets, big thanks to rago!.

For further informations please read the above posts!

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And another one:

Version BETA


[*]Fix: Portalchannels: fixed a problem with arena portal showing the wrong events.


[*]Add: Mainwindow: Added "Audio/Video disabled" menu item.


[*]Add: Mainwindow: Added "Configfolder" Menu item.


[*]Change: Mainwindow: Adjusted the new toolbutton images by rago a little.


[*]Fix: Mainwindow: fixed display problems with statusbar.


[*]Change: Recording Control window: Completely reworked, now the recording and device statistics window.


[*]Diet: Whole app: Made it a little bit smaller by removing unneccessary graphics. :)


[*]Add: BDADevices: Added DVB-S2 detection for 64 bit TT-3200 driver.


[*]Add: BDADevices: Added DVB-S2 detection for TT-3600.


[*]Updated: Language files german and english.


[*]Updated: Skinoptions: Updated toolbar Iconset names.


[*]Change: Debug logging: Removed some debug messages in PMTparser to avoid stuttering on some radio channels.

For further informations please read the above posts!

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A little soon after the last beta, but there are some things which need testing. :)

Version BETA


[*]Change: Recording Control window: Continued rework of the window, added popupmenus and a new page "recorded shows". This is basically the same like the OSD-recordingswindow.

Hints: The recorded shows listview header can be rearranged, via rightclick popupmenu columns can be toggled visible/invisible and clicking on a header plate sorts the list (same handling like in epg and recorder window).


[*]Change: Commands.ini: Extended the commands.ini support for the above mentioned windows. Please refer to the commands.ini readme included in this beta.


[*]Add: Mainwindow: Added "Recording statistic window" menu item.


[*]Add: Actions.ini: Added "Recording statistic window" entry.


[*]Add: Input option: Added "Recording statistic window" entry.


[*]Updated: Language files deutsch and english.


[*]Add: Channellist: Added "Last channel" to the channellist popup menu.


[*]Fix: Signaldisplay: Fixed no signal display on some cards introduced last beta. Reverted to old code.



The DVBServer is included with the updated hardware management of this beta.

It should with this beta now be possible to scan channels via network. This

feature is still a little experimental, so handle with care.


For further informations please read the above posts!

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Sorry but this is kind of an urgent update.


Please do not use the delete recorded show in the new recording statistics... window of the In rare cases there may be deleted similar named files!


Version BETA



[*]Fix: Recording statistics window: The delete recorded show command may delete files with similar names under specific circumstances.


For further informations please read the above posts!

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The new Beta is in the membersarea.


Especially TT + CI owners should test if it works for them.

Version BETA



[*]Fix: Mouse Options: Fixed settings were not saved. Introduced in one of the last betas.


[*]Fix: DirectX: Fixed problems with cyberlink audiorenderer causing a crash.


[*]Change: Recorded Shows window: Changed the presentation of the detail data. May be removed again if foreign fonts support does not work.


[*]Change: EPG window: Changed the presentation of the detail data. May be removed again if foreign fonts support does not work. Important change for visually impaired users!


[*]Change: Reworked the property setting of the OSD. Current item and current window should now reflect the exact states.


[*]Change: Inner workings of CI support. For future enhancements some minor things in the CI support were changed. Please verify if it still works for you.


[*]Change: Charset handling of EPG optimized. Users of non latin chars(?) please verify if it works (-> epgwindow).


[*]Update: Updated the ts detection on file playback with grigas enhancements. Thanks @Griga.


[*]Update: Languages: Italiano thanks @ gioxy.


[*]Add: Teletext window: Now closes on ESC key.


[*]Change: Technotrend CI support: Switched to the latest API of technotrend and changed the CI handling for future enhancements. please verify, if it works.


[*]Add: VCR: The vcr now writes a summary (Size, discontinuities) of a recording into the file "svcrec.log".


For further informations please read the above posts!

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The new Beta is in the membersarea.


Version BETA



[*]Fix: EPG Window/Timeline: Scrollbar was not updated when scrolling with mouse wheel.


[*]Fix: EPG: Bulgarian EPG was not displayed correctly.


[*]Change: EPG Language handling: improved language handling a little bit. Make sure your default language is set correctly in the options/epg.


[*]Change: EPG window + Recorded Shows Window/Details: Enabled userdefined fontsettings.


[*]Change: EPG window + Recorded Shows Window/Details: Enabled URL detection and hyperlinks in EPG details.


[*]Change: EPG window: EPG entries for timers are marked red.


[*]Change: Timeshift: the durationwindow is closed on stopping timeshift (if not disabled via hidden settings).


[*]Update: BDA/HVR 4000 + Nova HD: added grigas fix for DVB-S2 transponder scanning.


[*]Add: EPG Window: added a new EPG view, enjoy. :wacko:


[*]Fix: OSD-Timeline: fixed a problem detecting the relation timer/epg entry.


[*]Update: Transponderlists: Added updated transponderlists thanks @griga.


[*]Change: Recorder window: On closing the window a changed timer is NOT saved anymore, please press apply to apply the changes.


[*]Add: OSD/Data Manager: added a new image to the #TV.audio.pic Tag: audio_dolby51.png for 5.1 AC3.


[*]Fix: EPG Details: fixed not showing from the beginning on changing entries.


[*]Change: Transponderfiles: transponderfiles are now copied to the userdata folder to avoid right problems.


For further informations please read the above posts!

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