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New SatcoDX Plugins

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There is something new to download for all (legal) owners of the DVBViewer full version:


I've spent part of the weekend with programming new DVBViewer import plugins for the TXT and CSV channellist format from SatcoDX.


They are more useful (I hope) than the ImportSDX.DLL which came with the DVBViewer up to now, because the CSV and TXT files which can be imported with the new plugins contain the teletext PIDs - no need to supplement them manually anymore.


You find the plugins in the members area http://www.DVBViewer.com/members. For all Delphi enthusiasts I've provided the sourcecode too.


Please pay attention to the Readme file included in the package - it contains important hints and tells you exactly how to get the SatcoDX files!


Enjoy... ;)




P.S. The coming DVBViewer release will provide a filter function (Free To Air only) for scanning and importing.

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Sorry... damjang just found out, that there is a wrong file in the package ;) - fortunately not the most important one. So you'll find there two DDLs for the CSV format with different names, but the updated version of the old ImportSDX.DLL is missing (not the best format for importing channellists anyway, because the teletext PIDs are missing).


I've just sent a corrected ZIP to Christian and asked him to upload it again. Let's see how fast he is...



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Here are the links to the .CSV files of all the sattelites from SatcoDX:

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That's what I call service! Thanks ;)


Now all I need is a rotating dish (minimum size 2 meters), in order to use all these links...



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