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New Plugin SDK

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Guest hackbart



i've updated my plugin sdk. Whats new I removed the old stupid menu handling and added a more Windows like solution: now only HMENU's are used. For more informations look into the examples.

All i have todo now is to add some informations B) about the OSD Routines, which allow to add new functions etc....



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Guest hackbart

hmm, the SDK is quite old.

I added a lot of new Functions using a similar Multidec API Sendmessage structure. To avoid trouble with several plugins it's not compatible with the original MD API System.


After releasing the next version i'll update the sdk.



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Here - I've provided the Menu Creator Plugin source (Delphi 6) for download.


More examples can be found in the Service Center (Customer Area), e.g. the Sleeptimer Plugin source. However, plugins that demonstrate a more sophisticated usage of the SDK are not available as source, since they mostly contain code of the DVBViewer full version.


But if there are any questions, you may ask in the forum... if I happen to come by here, I will answer them.



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