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I too had no joy with the server. However, I can offer this work around, which I find works better than streaming.

1. on client pc map a network drive from the server pc (i.e. the HDD that the recordings are stored on)

2. on client pc set the recordings (and timeshift if you like) folder to the corresponding folder on the mapped drive


Using the Recordings and device statistics - Recorded Shows TAB. you have direct access to your media. Uses the database refresh if the recording is missing from the list. To stream a live show simply set it recording on the server and then access it from the client as described. You can also use the http server app to remotely control scheduling.


N.B. If you delete a program on the server that you have loaded in the client then it will delete it from the database and it will delete the txt file but it will not delete the mpg/ts file. To delete it you must either delete it using the client or manually

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OK I've worked out my problems with DVB server and suggest that any problems you might have with this are that

the configuration details are misleading by stating specific IP addresses, you don't need to use these but rather ones that suit the configuration of your particular network. Often people don't have a static address at all but if you don't want to configure your client every time then the server should run on a static IP address. If you don't know what to set this to, assuming they previously weren't static, they can be any group of 4 numbers between 0-255 although the first 3 must be the same for each PC. The subnet mask for a small network should be If you are using a router then you may need to make some changes to its network config settings. I use a domain so have a server controlling the network so the router only plays a subordinate role, but if you don't have a server and do have a router then this will be controlling the IP assignments. You can work with whatever defaults it has but manually reserve the DVB server PC's IP.

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