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Problems with 4.2.8 Drivers (DVBV1.99R8)


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Yesterday I installed the new SS2 Drivers. after that nothing worked. So i uninstalled The Technisat stuff and the DVBV and reinstalled everything. Then I did a channel scan. After that i got only about 44-48% signal strength (before 60-70%, no hardware changed) and the picture is jerky (if it moves at all) and faded and doesn't fit the display (moved down and left). I tried different Filters and stuff but to no avail.


Has anybody an idea what's wrong?




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I exactly have the same problem as you have.

My Sky2PC card is revision 2.3.

Maybe the drivers are not for this board revision. As result of this misbehaviour I have reinstalled the previous driver and it works fine ((-:


Kindly regards

Stefan :wacko:

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Hm, they definitely work with Rev. 2.3. With Setup4PC I have a lower signal strength (not much, though), but the values in the DVBViewer have not changed. Everythings running fine.


Bye, Oliver

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Hey make a bug report to TechiSAT! So they can build a better driver in the future!

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I'm a little disappointed. I thought there are many specialist out there who have thousands of hints to help us. The support of Technisat seems to be not the best.


Thank you




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First of all: This forum is about the DVBViewer, not TechniSat.


Second: You only need the 4.28 drivers for Windows 2003 Server or in case of the EOL-lock. Otherwise there's no need for them. Having problems with them you should re-install the 4.22 drivers. The only thing I can add is that the 4.28 drivers work perfectly for me.


Bye, Oliver

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I have problems with the new drivers as well. :wub:


I use Win98se. I installed a fresh system and wanted to use the new drivers therefore.


But I can't use the mediamatics filter somehow... (w00t)

They simply seem not to work or not to be there at all.


So. I think I have to uninstall all of that and try the old drivers instead (w00t)


Funny new drivers... :)


Want my advice?:

Leave these new drivers alone.... :wub::D

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The problem is, that TV4PC is not auotmaicaly installed and i think the Medimatics Filter would be installed if you install TV4PC to.

Here in the forum some person had written which parts in the setup.ini of the new drivers you must change for installing tv4pc with the new drivers.

please try forum search.



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THANX A LOT Klausing !!!!!!



That seems to be exactly the problem.


I coudn't find the DVD Express Filters (= Mediamatics ?!) on my new system with the 428 drivers.

Also I found out that TV4PC is not installed.


So of course the mediamatics-driver cannot function if they are not installed at all....


Im further investigating.... and tell You what happened soon :wub:


And here is the thread with the ini-file, that you mentioned:




...die Lösung liegt ganz nahe:

Einfach in der Setup.ini folgende Zeile ändern:

InstallTvApp=FALSE in InstallTvApp=TRUE

dann klappts wieder mit der Installation...



PS: Die Sache mit TV4PC und dem 4.28 Treiber steht jetzt auch in der Anleitung.
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Guest hackbart

hmm, the mediamatics filters will be definitively installed if you also install the DVBViewer TE.

The only problem i have with the 4.28 is the wrong timing while tuning a transponder - this should be fixed in the new release...



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Yes, that may be the case.


But of course I didn't install DVBViewer TE, because I installed the Full Version.


And now I stand here with no mediamatics renderer ... :)


The only thing left seems to be:



complete uninstall technisat drivers

modify the ini-file

reinstall technisat drivers



uninstall DVBViewer Full

install DVBViewer TE

uninstall DVBViewer TE

install DVBViewer Full



If You have DVBViewer Full not yet installed... :

I installed the bundled DVB-ViewerTechnisat Edition, even ... if I had 1.99R8 on my harddisk.

After this, Sat-TV was working and also the reinstallation of R8 didn´t made any problems.





!!!! I ABSOLUTELY don't know whether this is a good idea: !!!!


DO NOT uninstall DVBViewer Full

JUST install DVBViewer TE OVER Full

DO NOT uninstall DVBViewer TE

JUST install DVBViewer Full OVER TE




Could someone find the right words to write that 'crap' to technisat ???

Else I will 'try' to find friendly words and do that... :wub:


Don't they test their drivers in front of releasing them.


If it is essential to install DVBViewer TE in order to use the card for DVBs, then at least they could tell their users about that fact.

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Ok. I did some further investigations:



is not useful, because it is the same as installing the DVBViewerTE seperately after the 428drivers. So I suggest just do that. instead of modifying the ini-file.



isn't useful neighter, because uninstalling the TE-Version also removes the Mediamatics-Filter :o(



One of the following 2 is THE usefull alternative:



Install DVBViewerTE in c:\programme/DVBViewer/

Now Install DVBViewerFull in the EXACT same folder.

(Keep in mind that TE and Full give You different default-folders when installing and that there may be some crap left afterwards from the former TE-Installation!)





Install DVBViewerTE in c:\programme/DVBViewerTE/

Now Install DVBViewerFull in c:\programme/DVBViewer/

(Keep in mind that TE and Full MAY FIGHT each other inside the registry!)


Some of the headprogrammers shall decide which of these (3 or 4) two not so perfect workarounds to get the mediamatics-filter is the best and adviced to novices or if they are both not a good idea...

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