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problem with DISEqC on SkyStar2


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:blush: Why DISEqC is not working with my SkyStar2 PCI board.


I have dish with two LNB connected to simple switch also connected to SkyStar2 PCI board.


Windows XP profesional

technisat driver ver 4.2.8


I have adjusted chanel list in DVBViewer


for Astra 19e which is on LNB1 I have set DISEqC simpleA

for Hotbird 13e on LNB2 I have set DISEqC simpleB


For both LNB's

LOF1 is 9750

LOF2 is 10600

LOF Switch is 11700


I am receive signal only from (Astra)LNB1.

It is working with external DVB receiver, but not with SkyStar2 PCI board.

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My configuration is:


Epox RDA+ Nforce2 with soundstorm integrated sound

AMD athlon XP1700+

2 x 256 Kingston DDR pc2700

Power supply ATX MCase 250W

2x 80GB Maxtor DMax plus9

NVidia MX460 64MB DDR TV-out

SS2 rev 2.3


Windows XP Profesional SP1

SS2 Driver ver 4.2.8

nForce Driver ver 2.03_WinXP_localized_WHQL

DVBViewer from drivers pack 428ts


I have 2 Single Ku Universal LNBF,

LNB1 is on Astra19e and

LNB2 is on HotBird13e


Switch that I have is with only 2 ports eg(LNB1 and LNB2)

I have tryed all posible combination's in DVBViewer


Simple A

Simple B

Pos A\ Opt A

Pos A\ Opt B

Pos B\ Opt A

Pos B\ Opt B


and I still canot get any signal from LNB2


everything works fine on LNB1 Signal is 60% and higher and all chanels are god, but it wont switch on LNB2.


I have also tryed with progDVB ver 4.24.2 - 4.29.2 with simple diseq and i have same situation.


Switch works fine with normal DVB receiver who support DISEqC 1.2, I wonder if that is a problem that Switch do not support DISEqC 1.0 and 1.1

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Have this switch his own energy or get it the energy from the SS2?

Normal DVBReciver have more power and mostly the SS2 power is not enough. So, if you can give the switch his own energy it will work

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I think certain brands of DiSEqC works better than other with SS2. Initially I had problems too then I switched to the good switches from Spaun and no problems here.


How long is your cable from SS2 to switch? Long cables could be problematic with the power from SS2.

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Same problem with a Skystar rev 2.3 (Netsystem).

It switches well only with old drivers or with drivers supplied with Mytheatre 2.76.

My new rev 2.6B switches perfectly.




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