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some ideas on the webserver interface

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I'm new to this, so maybe it's redundant, sorry. Here are my observations and thoughts.


1. The selection list om the remote control can't scroll so you are limited to the first 30 or so entries. You can scroll in the item field though but it's undoable with my 1000+ channels.

2. The list is not alfasorted so it's (virtual) impossible to find your channel.

3. Would be nice to start channels / favourites from there logo irrespective of present epg-data. The position of the logo would be determined by the channel number.

4. Renaming channels results in not receiving epg from these channels. It looks like the server has a copy of the channellist and does not maintain it so renaming your channels results in a mismatch.

5. A bit more consideration for users that operate it from a pda (opera) would be nice. It looks like space can be used more efficient.

6. I still like it very much. ;)


Regards, Eppo

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