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Soon: Radio Visual Plugin

Guest hackbart

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Guest hackbart

Hey, today i started creating a plugin which allows to render music screnes.

The idea is that if you hear radio or mp3 the screen displays some visualizations. I'd choosen the Sonique Plugin API and made a almost fast FFT and Audio Capture Routine and ... The result is after a few problems caused by neglecting the shannon's sample-theoreme a fully working sonique visualizer:


I suppose soon after Version 2.0 has been released (probably on Saturday) i also upload the plugin..




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Yeh looks nice, but my CPU must work verry hard if i want to look this in fullscreen....

Maybe some people have not enough power for this visuals in fullscreen mode.... But its only Christians first steps for this and i believe he will found some optimizations. In the past he ever found something ... <_< Or Griga is the wizard who find some .....



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unluckily not. There is indeed a stand alone tool which presents the sonique visuals, but the plugin is not written yet.

Christian is working on a Service Update (as far as i know, it solves the problem with the new marfi skyavc and it also has speed improovements for the dvbsource filter). Now you can watch all channels using the DVBSource (even HDTV).

I guess today in the evening the R1 will be released and also the Multicast Plugin (which streams almost all channels throughout the intranet).



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wird das radio plugin noch kommen oder wurde es eingestellt? im neuen skin hats ja keinen platz mehr dafür oder? trotzdem, der screenshot gefällt mir so sehr... könnte man das plugin nicht in den members bereich stellen und darin `ne rubrik "beta" einrichten?



Dani :wub:

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Guest hackbart

derzeit ist es nur eine Standalone Exe-Datei, die alle möglichen Visuals von Sonique liest. Wenn du ne Beta willst, schick mir einfach ne Mail.



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