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DVBViewer Pro, Technisat skystar HD2 & diseqc 1.1

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Hi all,


I have bought a skystar HD2 a month now, and I am unable to control part of my satellite installation with it.

Techinsat technical support is not helpful at all, and I don't know what else to do. It all comes down to:

Does the skystar HD2 support diseqc 1.1? Technisat said it does, but I cannot make it work...


The dish is a wavefrontier T90, with 8 LNBs, installed by a professional installator.

All 8 LNBs are connected to a 8->1 switch from maximum. The switch is this:




The manual that came with the switch claims that the switch supports diseqc 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2:




Now with DVBViewer: I can see the first 4 switch inputs with diseqc 1.0.

All my attempts with diseqc 1.1 failed. And with diseqc 1.2 I had mixed results.


Using diseqc 1.2, I declared the switch as a "positioner". I was able to see the inputs from 5-8, but it was really unstable.

I was able to see input 5 using "position 5" for example, without storing anything in this position. But it was impossible to see inputs 1-4, no matter what "position" I selected.


Then I tried to build a "mixed" channel list: the 4 first satellites using diseqc 1.0, and the last 4 using diseqc 1.2. It worked partially: I was able to switch channels inside a "group" (i.e. the first 4), but I had to restart DVBViewer to tune channels from the second "group". Once I used diseqc 1.0, diseqc 1.2 stopped working, and the opposite.


So, my final test was to use diseqc 1.1. As there is no support for this in DVBViewer, I used the diseqc editor.

Taking as starting point the post:



I tried to setup a command to see LNB 8. All my attempts failed. No matter what uncommitted switch command I used, I could switch only the first 4 inputs.


I am out of ideas :bye: Does anybody know a solution?


What may be the problem? Is it DVBViewer? Is it the drivers? (driver details: Technisat Mantis BDA HID Device version, Technisat Mantis BDA Receiver, all date 25/1/2008), Is it the hardware?


Is skystar HD2 a good card? Maybe it was a wrong choice and I should buy something better?


Its a pity to have 8 lnbs and be able to see only four of them... :lol:

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Finally, the solution was simple: I used as DiseqC the value "Use Positioner", and in the USALS entry beneath the values:

  • INPUT 1 -> Position 0
  • INPUT 2 -> Position 1
  • INPUT 3 -> Position 2
  • INPUT 4 -> Position 3
  • INPUT 5 -> Position 4
  • INPUT 6 -> Position 5
  • INPUT 7 -> Position 6
  • INPUT 8 -> Position 7

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I did what you wrote in the last post.

It works. DVBViewer can find all 8 satellite and can scan as well.

When I change channels from one satellite to the another I can see nothing only that the quality is strong enough.

After restarting DVBViewer starting with the last channel everithing ok.

It means for me any time when I change satellite I should restart DVBViewer.


Does it happend with you?

How did you solve it?





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farzad goli

can not work for me support.zip copy to there? i work DVBViewer 4.0.0 and diseqc 1.1 and sky star hd2 and canot scan sat 2,3,4,..... please help me

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