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Before I come to my feature request: Did you notice, that the DVBViewer is capable of drag & drop now? Have a try: Drag a video file (mpg) into the DVBViewer window - it immediatly will start to play it.


And even more: It is possible to launch the DVBViewer with a video file as a command line parameter. That means: Drag a video file to the DVBViewer shortcut on your desktop, and drop it - the DVBViewer starts and plays it. And, by using "open with" in the context menu of a video file and checking the "always open with..." box, you can connect the filetype to the DVBViewer. After that, double-clicking a video file launches the DVBViewer.


Now my idea: Just something similar with channels! Let's assume, the DVBViewer would understand a command line param like /chx, where x simply is a channel number, as you find it in the channel list window. After creating a shortcut to the DVBViewer and adding /ch3 to the targetpath in the properties, double-clicking it would launch the DVBViewer and make him display channel 3.


The drag & drop feature would require the DVBViewer to receive a shortcut file, open it, examine, if the targetpath property contains "DVBViewer" and "/ch", and then just do his thing...


So, what is it good for? Well - you could create a collection of your favorite tv and radio stations on your desktop or in an explorer window. It wouldn't have the restrictions of the current menu favorite list. You could arrange, sort and extend it as you like. And you could provide the shortcuts with individual icons, i.e. the station logos.


That seems quite attractive to me. But what do you think about it? Please let me know... or, may be, you even have a better idea how such a feature could be provided.


Cheers - Griga

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@ Michael: Not really... but with drag & drop I don't have to! Please read again.


Well, there might be a better solution, for example with a plugin... perhaps you or someone else who is experienced enough can tell me more.



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i think this could be a nice idea. :)

So You can create an active desktop website with links for every TV station that you like. (You can build your own menu!) I think you want to click on a link (like BBC or RTL) and the DVBViewer opens with this TV station.

So you can the menu of the viewer indirect "outsourcing" to every place that you want..

You can also put this "links" in to the favorites of your IE or Netscape or Desktop (with logo). ;)

If the DVBViewer understand this per command line , there is no problem to do so.


@hackbart: Can we start the viewer per command line with a explicit tv station? Can we tune the DVBViewer per command line?




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