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What is setup4PC/TV4PC/server4PC ?


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I really dont know how to install TV4PC?

Is it somehow with the right mouse click on the icon of the setup4PC in the system tray?

What is the diference between all of them ( i cant find this nowhere)?

Are they necessary for running the DVBViewer?

I cant run server4PC!

And all of them are installed in the procedure of installation.(I cant see TV4PC icon) ;)

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read the manual. there are all informations inside.

All this is a part of the normal 4.28 driver !


Why you need this?


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No, nobody want delete such a thread. Its a normal Newbie question. And if someone search for the keyword TV4PC he will find this thread and the answer.

Nobody is perfect! Its only a question of the sound of asking ....

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I just got to say, that the whole thing obout the drivers and software related somehow to this web , are a litle bit confusing. I think that the installation of the DVBViewer should be in a form of a wizard so that you could more easily setup the settings for DVBViewer and make it more automated, there are just a little bit to much user ( as I could see on the net) who get the same errors and the manual is two generally made for the beginner problems (troubleshooting for e.g.)

I know you have said that you all dont have much time but a little settings "wizard" wouldnt be a problem for a good programer. ;)

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you are right, but driver wizard (with includet DVBViewerTE) is a part of TechniSAT.....

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