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TSSniper problem loading TS files


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I would like to cut TS files recorded by DVBViewer Pro with TSSniper (Spirit On Sniper).

But TSSniper shows this error message every time I try to load an TS file:


"Directshow problem - Failure while trying to query supported time formats."


I installed also Haali Media Splitter and ffdshow tryouts, without success.

The TS files contained MPEG and H.264 streams.


Does someone using this tool successfully?

Any help would be appreciated.



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I just stumbled upon TSSniper and had rendering error when opening TS files. My problem was solved by installing Haali Media Splitter after which TSSniper worked perfectly. I'm running 32-bit Win7 Pro. I guess my answer goes to that "any help" category as I cannot give more help, sorry :bye:





ps. Looking for a command line tool for cutting TS files AND preserving DVB subtitles. Anyone know such a tool? I'm trying to build a commercial cutter for DVBViewer.

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Hi again, I tested TSSniper on my WinXP SP3 (dx 9.0c) and it works. My XP is an almost fresh install with only some video capture software installed.


Looks to me like your directx installation is not OK.


Hopefully this helps.



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BTW, have you tried selecting different codecs from Extras->Settings? Some googling suggested that it might be solved by selecting another codec.




I have not much SW installed but the list of codecs is too long to try all combinations.


Installed SW:

- Cyberlink Power DVD 7

- Technotrend Driver for DVB-S2 card "TT S2-3200"

- Technotrend Mediacenter

- DVBViewer Pro

- Haali Media splitter

- ffdshow tryouts


Can you find out which codecs are used by TSSniper on your machine ?



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Hi, sorry to inform you but TSSniper has all filters set to Automatic so I am not sure which ones it uses. Have you tried this?




Hi, it may be possible to get the DirectShow filter graph with GraphStudio.


In GraphStudio the menu "File/Connect to Remote Graph" allows to connect to the DirectShow filter graph of another application (TSSniper).

Then it is possible to save a picture with "Graph/Make Graph Screenshot".

With right click/Properties on a filter a lot of information about the filter is shown.


Could you post the content of the property page "Filter" of the filters and the picture of the filter graph?




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Hi again, good to hear that you solved your problem :( Interesting that in your case TSSniper didn't automatically select HMS although it is a suggested fix for directshow problems. Anyway, I'm glad it works for you now.



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