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Looking for a command line TS file cutting tool


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Hello everyone!


I am looking for a command line tool for cutting TS files AND preserving DVB subtitles in the resulting TS file. Anyone know such a tool?


I have used ProjectX which has command line support and DVB sub support but its PIDFilter only works with bytepositions when defining cut points. If you use timecode which is the logical choice for defining cut points (because DVBViewer provides timecodes in the form of bookmarks) then it simply cannot cut anything out of the TS file but the end result is the original TS-file. If someone knows how to make ProjectX's PIDFIlter work with timecodes, please let me know. Or if anyone can calculate bytepositions (or GOP numbers or Frame numbers) from timecodes, please let

me know too :bye:


ProjectX's PIDFilter does work with timecodes if the TS file is demuxed so if someone has a command line tool in mind for muxing the resulting files back into a TS file with DVB subs then that would be one solution to the problem.


Other than ProjectX I have tried a bunch of tools which either do not have DVB sub support (for example TSMuxeR which would suit perfectly if it had) or those that have do not have command line support (TSDoctor for example).


I'm trying to build a commercial cutter for DVBViewer - hence the request for this tool.



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OK, I found what I was looking for: Videoredo does the job and has vbscript commandline support too. In case someone else is looking for this kind of tool, there's the solution. Thank you to McenterFreak for pointing me to the right direction :)



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OK, I found what I was looking for: Videoredo does the job and has vbscript commandline support too.



I tried Videoredo,but it can not open HD Tv shows only SD Tv show.

I have downloaded Womble MPEG Video Wizzard 5.0 (trial version)and works fine with SD Tv recorded shows,but I have encountered problems with sound at HD Tv recorded show(sound is fuzzy).I don"t understand where I did wrong.It is because it"s a trial version?I have all codecs and the sound is good at the original HD Tv recorded show.All I want is to cut the comercials,no other encoding.Can anyone help me?


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