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Transponder lists for DVBViewer

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Hi, I don't know if others have the same problem, but in my case, some frequencies must be increased by 1 or 2 MHz in order to work.


Here is the list of the frequencies:



0=Dec 15, 2012



3=Astra 1KR,1L,1M,2C


;50=11778,V,27500,34,DVB-S,QPSK ----> 50=11779,V,27500,34,DVB-S,QPSK

;52=11817,V,27500,34,DVB-S,QPSK ----> 52=11818,V,27500,34,DVB-S,QPSK

;56=11895,V,27500,34,DVB-S,QPSK ----> 56=11896,V,27500,34,DVB-S,QPSK

;58=11934,V,27500,34,DVB-S,QPSK ----> 58=11935,V,27500,34,DVB-S,QPSK

;70=12168,V,29700,23,S2,8PSK ----> 70=12169,V,29700,23,S2,8PSK

;72=12207,V,29700,23,S2,8PSK ----> 72=12208,V,29700,23,S2,8PSK

;76=12285,V,27500,34,DVB-S,QPSK ----> 76=12286,V,27500,34,DVB-S,QPSK

;82=12402,V,27500,34,DVB-S,QPSK ----> 82=12403,V,27500,34,DVB-S,QPSK

;99=12692,H,22000,56,DVB-S,QPSK ----> 99=12693,H,22000,56,DVB-S,QPSK


Also, it looks like this is more of a frequency rotation rather than a permanant change. From time to time, the original frenquency would work again.


Eventually, some frequencies would show some doublons that appear every couple of MHz broadcasting the same feeds.


Who knows...



DVBViewer Pro (latest beta)

DVBViewer Rec. Service (latest 1.22 beta)

SkyStar 2 eXpress HD (latest drivers 4.7.0)

TransEdit (latest 3.8.6)

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