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i use girder but experienced a curious problem. My Remote (via Igor) sends different evenstrings whether DVBViewer is open or not. That means one key on the remote sends two different types of commands.

I know that a remote can send many different commands with one key but thats something else. There are usually between 4-7 different eventstring of one key. If DVBViewer is started they are now totally different:


DVBViewer open: commands like c03fec03d


DVBViewer closed: 380, e03, 70, 700


has anyone an idea?

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Which kind of Receiver du you use?? Is the input Signal over DCD, DSR or CTS??

Maybe your Remote don't work together with your receiver. Whcih speed is selected for the com port??

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try another remote-control. Just to sort out some possibilities.

Read again the guides on the internet on how to setup girder and also igor-plugin correctly.


Aslo try here:

Igor Site

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