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dual LNB with anysee e30S2 plus and dvbviewer


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Hi there,


i have a problem that i am strugling with since a couple of months.


i have 1 lnb with 2 heads (and 1 calbe) for 19.2 and 23.5. 19.2 works great and i am watching tv trough this transponder. But most of the channels have HD and i want to watch HD (because i am also paying for it). The problem is that i cannot get it to show HD channels. This is what i did.


installed satfinder to see if i have the correct sat. it gives good reception for 19.2 AND 23.5.


When i want to scan new channels with DVBViewer on 23.5, it finds nothing........



i installed the newest driver for the anysee e30S2 plus. version CNO

i installed newest version DVBViewer 4.9


i played with DiSeqC settings (posA/A for 19.2 and posB/A for 23.5) also no impact.


what can i do, because i am out of idea's



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DVB-S2 requires a new .ini file for the transponders. Try KingofSat and follow instructions on this forum. If you have already done that ignore this post.

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thank i wil try both options....i will let you know tommorow, because i have an apointment in a couple of minutes...


thanks so fas

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download .ini file via above link


make sure you copy it to all DVB folders


This is the entry for DVB-S2 (BBC1 HD, CH4 HD etc) in the 28.2.ini file

which changed a few months ago.





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i have downloaded the 23.5 ini file and put it in the configuration folder. Copied transedit to the DVBViewer folder.


i started transedit and there is a new 23.5 entry that is empty on the right screen side. I clicked update and it is scanning now. I will let you know the outcome in a couple of minutes.



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i have downloaded the 23.5 ini file

You should use the 23.5 ini file provided in the TransEdit ZIP. Ignore the posts about the KingOfSat stuff. It is useless for you ATM.


Proceed as follows:


1) Copy the 23.5 ini to the configuration folder\transponders subdirectory.


2) Launch TransEdit


3) Select "Astra 1D/3A 23.5°E" on the left side of the TransEdit main window. The list on the right side should now display the available frequencies resp. transponders.


4) Select the correct DiSEqC setting and click Apply on the left side.


5) Try to scan single transponders ("Scan Selected") or the whole satellite position ("Scan All").


6) If you can't get the expected results, try different DiSEqC settings. If Astra 19° East ist A/A, try Simple B, B/A, A/B or B/B for 23° East (always followed by Apply on the left side).

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i am getting also confused because with the anysee drivers there is also the anysee CNO monitor where you can say what kind of satelite, type of DiSeqC etc....do i leave that or do i have to configure it to 23.5 with also different DiSeqC setting???

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do i have to configure it to 23.5 with also different DiSeqC setting???

I don't think so. DVBViewer doesn't need this tool, since it passes a complete set of tuning parameters to the driver. You can close the CNO monitor if you suspect that there are unwanted interferences.


However, you may want to try this new driver:




It is a fixed version provided by Anysee after we had reported a major issue (tuning didn't work anymore after closing and re-launching DVBViewer). Dunno if it is related to your DiSEqC problem - try...

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installed satfinder to see if i have the correct sat. it gives good reception for 19.2 AND 23.5.

How do you know with satfinder, that you are receiving from both positions?

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well, that was a tricky one, because i cannot.............


the device was configured to a anysee virtual device. So it does not matter what satelite i select. it gives 100% signal and 90% quality.


so i am back to square 1 and first need to find out IF i have the correct satelite. So if someone can tell me how, that would be higly appriciated.


i am watching 19.5 at the moment because i have image on my screen. I use a dual lnb for astra 1 and astra 3 alligned in the dish.


please help me, because i am getting really sick of this.

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Please try Windows media center to find out wich SAT are received.


Under W7, there is no need to check the virtual DVB-S2 for DVB-T mapping, thus no CNO setting is necessary.


Your can reinstall the none DVBViewer special driver without checking anything.


Then start MCE. It should detect the defaut SAT i.e, when Diseqc is not used(defaut LNB)

After that, go to check the second SAT manualy.


As MCE installation is real ordal(DVBViewer is faster, better....)....pls find Google some tutorials...


Also, fastsatfinder can be of some help:


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I wouldn't recommend MCE cos you'll have additional problems to get rid of it later ;)


If you are sure that you receive 19,2E you can play with diseqc in transedit.


Assign PosA/Opt A to Astra 19,2E (don't forget to click on apply after every change) and scan some or all transponders. If the list of found services corresponds to the list of expected services A/A is the correct setting for 19E.


If the outcome is not as expected, change diseqc to B/A and repeat the scan. If A/A and B/A yield the same result for 19E, diseqc is not working properly with your card.


But if you've found that Astra 19E is working ok either with A/A or B/A (not both ;) ) you should try the opposite setting for 23,5E. In case you can't receive anything for 23,5E there might be a chance that you've made a mistake by fastening the wrong lnb neck to the lnb holder.

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