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OSD Neron's Pack


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Hi everybody ;) Here's a WIP version's of my skins ( dreambox rebuild to DVBViewer)




















Realse date ? hmmmmmmmmm...


Greeets ;)

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Hi guys ;)


here is it a DOWNLOAD link for my Beyond skin from Dreambox conversion to DVBViewer . Skin use X-Skin as a default (only osd and neutrinoCL are modified) . OSD Background's are in images folder named DVDPLAYER , default is silver ,just rename other png file to dvdplayer.png.


plugins not included (use miniepgvars.dll and neutrinocl)





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Hi, there ist no Folder "DVDPlayer" in unpacked Zipfile of your present download...

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Folder ?? i sad a png file




there you have :


dvd_player.png --> main osd background













if you want use another background just rename file e.g dvd_playerOK.png to dvd_player.png (DVBViewer must be off)


thats all


language is universal (from you DVBViewer settings) only channel on my screen is from poland

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Then i didnt understand what you ment or whats the meaning of your post... you wrote: "OSD Background's are in images folder named DVDPLAYER , default is silver ,just rename other png file to dvdplayer.png.........." of witch Skin, for what do i need your Download, what happens at all with the Screens that you post?!?!

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You really dont understand me ?? download skin , put in osdskins folder and select in DVBViewer... when you want change from silver to blue just rename png file... (background theme)


post-108245-0-74110700-1365881084_thumb.png - silver version


post-108245-0-91108600-1365881095_thumb.png - blue version


if you want blue version rename dvd_playerOK.png to dvd_player.png

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osd time not work, i use BeyonceNeronBlue, i put 60 second but osd not stay after change programs,  it is bug ?

i use latest pro beta

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