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"find more" improvement

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FIrst some info on the "find more" action. To use DVBViewer's "find more" action go to OSD EPG or timeline and move the cursor to a desired program. Press the blue button and choose "find more" from the menu. This gets you a list of programs that match the name of the show you chose. You can press OK on yuur remote to see more detailed info of the program. THis screen has "next" and "previous" buttons (yellow and green) that do not work as you would expect. Pressing yellow "next" does not take you to the next item on your "find more" list but to the next program on the EPG/timeline. To be useful the "next" should take you to the next item on the list of "find more" items. Because of this current behavior it is really difficult to browse through the "find more" list and find the episode you're looking for as you cannot move from item to item in program details. Instead you need to exit the details which takes you back to the FIRST item on your "find more" list. Then you need to navigate up/down the list to get to the next item you want to see the details for. This is really difficult and cumbersome when you have more "find more" list items than fit on your screen. Being able to "next/previous" on the "find more" list would make using this action a lot easier.


If it is not possible to implement this next/previous to move around the "find more" list then please make changes so that when you exit program details you return back to the item on the list that you were viewing details for. This way you would not lose your position on the list and could simply move to the next item using the down key on your remote.


Thank you for listening :)


- patti

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