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subtitles for deaf & bad-impaired persons


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We need subtitles from Satellite for people who can't hear.

We bought DVBViewer soft.


1/How can we recover SUBTITLES through teletext or stream ?

We'd like to have mpg files.


2/How can we edit or encrust text or lyrics by changing the too small fonts ?


3/How can we synchronise subtitles with the voice ?


We hope you can help us !


Thank you so much for your answer



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We'd like to have mpg files.

MPG files are a bad choice for subtitles, because they can't be stored in this format. Select Options -> Recorder -> Output Format -> Video/Audio TS. And make sure that the Options -> Recorder -> Format Options -> Teletext and DVB Subtitles checkboxes are ticked.


2/How can we edit or encrust text or lyrics by changing the too small fonts ?

In case of teletext subtitles you can try the OSD Teletext. Don't select Teletext subtitles in the Settings -> Subtitle Menu, but activate the OSD Teletext and enter the number of the desired subtitle page. DVBViewer uses a different font size in the OSD.


You may also want to try DVBViewer GE (see members area, read the included ReadMe file!), if you don't need to decrypt channels with a CI/CAM, which is not supported by DVBViewer GE. It provides an enhanced display of teletext subtitles with better sync.

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