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Requesting openEpgToDvbviewer by djBlu upload

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Some years ago I used a program called openEpgToDvbviewer by djblu it would allow me to get the SKY UK epg, I'm sure a lot of you know about it, after googling for quite a while I failed to find a download link that isn't dead.


I know of the EPG Collector and EPG center solution, I've seen it marked as the new way of getting the sky epg but the program just seems annoying to me you have to spend ages messing about pairing channels I don't understand how anyone can claim it's better. openEpgToDvbviewer was simple you just tune to a epg background Audio channel and the software handled everything.


Well my request is does anyone still have this program, if so can you please upload it here.



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you dont have to pair any channels in epg collector

simply run it and the collected epg for the channels it collects will attached itself to whatever channels is in your channel list.

the rest of them arent used


i have tried every means of collection out there and believe its the best


openepg was good but epgcollector gives you a great start ,then just allow DVBViewer to update the epg


you might have to rerun the collector once a week but so f..k.


i personally know the developer and he has made epg collector with DVBViewer in mind.


i personally have and 85%-95% epg collection with over 3000 channels


DVBViewer just updates it



its as good as it gets mate


if you want to, pm me with your email an i'll send you the very latest version just created 2 days ago

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I am using EPGCollector, but I am running it through XEPG. I did try to get it to work directly with DVBViewer, but nothing seemed to happen.


EDIT: I have tried again and this time it worked!!


Here are the steps I took:


I am going to assume that the user is a beginer and is not using Diseq and is not using any other means to receive TV (Terrestrial etc.). If I make errors, corrections would be gratefully accepted:



1. Run "EPG Center" programme in the EPGCollector folder

2. File -> Create Collection Parameters

3. Select "Sky UK" from the list of options.

4. On the Tuning Tab, everything looks OK.

5. Output Tab: Click "Import the data to the Recording Service directly. Make sure that the "Use Port" box contains the same port number as used by the Recording service Webserver port. This is the same port that DVBViewer uses to import the EPG from the recording service. (DVBViewer Settings -> Options: Scroll down on the left hand side to Recording Service)


Query 1: What are the reasons for clearing the existing data?


6. Channels Tab: This is used to exclude channels from the scan. Press the Scan button and select the channels you want to exclude. I can see myself excluding the FTA channels since they are being collected automatically already and I presume that they will dynamically change if a programme runs over. For the purposes of this test, I am excluding all the BBC channels.


I am going to leave all the other tabs at their default settings.


7. File -> Save As: EPGCollector.ini (Yes to overwrite the current settings.)


8. Run -> Collect EPG data. (Yes to run the scan with the currently loaded parameters.)




My next task is to automate this with a process timer. I did have problems automating XEPG, so I expect to have similar problems. Will takle this later!

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