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Transedit 3.9.0 and mouse scroll

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In the new style menu of Transedit 3.9.0, shows bad effect: residual loop when scrolling the mouse wheel.

but if you move the scroll bar left mouse button all is well.

Interestingly what is this?

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Seems to be a Windows 7 quirk. It doesn't happen under XP.


However, here the issue doesn't stay. It only appears for a very short time when I use the mouse wheel. Does it remain visible in your system?

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Yes, only a short time., when scrolling and then disappears.



I've just found a work-around for it :) Will be fixed in the next release. It will (hopefully) also be able to receive RTSP resp. SAT>IP streams from the Recording Service and other servers. First tests are promising:


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On win7, the problem still remains.
I checked 3.9.2 on three computers:
it seems it does not depend on the operating system. Depends on a hardware configuration PC.
1. Win7 i3-540 3.1Ghz - Display quirk
2. WinXP celeron 1.7Ghz - Display quirk is expressed more.
3. WinXP Athlon 3600+ 2.0Ghz - all is well.
I found one of the solutions to this quirk is substitution WM_MOUSEWHEEL on WM_HSCROLL, with a small utility scroll.exe



Can substitute messages of scrolling of a wheel for messages of scrollbars in all windows with built-in scrollbars. substitution WM_MOUSEWHEEL on WM_HSCROLL
It forces to work scrolling in windows which aren't able to process the message of a wheel of a mouse (or process them somehow not so).
Completely eliminates Transedit 3.9.0 or higher from this display quirk.
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