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website views counting busted?


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You seem to have major problems with updating views count on all threads. Some sections in the forum havent been updated in weeks. Threads with 0 replies does not get views count updated until there is a reply added.


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To the administrator of this site. Don't know if you understood what I meant with my first post? To make it very clear look at the

Forum/Website dt./engl. tree where you can see how many views each thread has.

The first post of the thread I'm writing right now has 0 views, despite I know many folks has been viewing it and the view count does not get updated, but stays on 0. When writing this reply and posting it the view count will be updated with the accumulated amount that has been viewing the post from 7 April up till today. What´s up with that? Why does views count only get updated when threads changes in form of replies gets added? Something is very messed up ever since some weeks after introducing the new site format. So when are you going to fix it?

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