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Question about channel list

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is there a way to attach the channel list to the main window? (make it into one window) i looked every where i coud'nt find out how


honestly it looks retarded and old like this, dose anyone know how?

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You can put the channel list at the side of the main window. If you than move the main window the channel list will be moved as well.


Or my preferred way, enable the "Popup channel list" it will show a channel list inside the main window if you move the mouse to the right border.



If you are looking for a always visible channel list as part of the main window no.


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"Popup channel list" is what i was looking for thank you Tjod, believe it or not this was holding me back from using DVBViewer having a second window as a channel list is very inconvenient i prefer the channel fixed but popup will do.


I meen no offence dvbviwer is very powerfull program but it needs alot of work on GUI i was expecting it to be done on version 5 unfortunately it was'nt, hopefully on the next release

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