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DVBViewer 5.2.7


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We have released the new DVBViewer Pro 5.2.7 today.

ATTENTION: You can download the DVBViewer Pro 5.2.7 only from https://www.DVBViewer.tv/members/

We introduced a new protection system with Version 4.5, if you haven't already got the new user credentials please read also: http://www.DVBViewer...ew-credentials/
Mit der Version 4.5 wurde ein neues Benutzerdatensystem eingeführt, wer die neuen Daten noch nicht hat bitte unbedingt hier lesen: http://www.DVBViewer...-benutzerdaten/

DVBViewer Pro 5.2.7

In Memoriam - Lars Gehre



  • Add: HbbTV: COM Interface to load customized websites via Plugin:

Interface: IHbbTV = interface(IDispatch)

Description: The IHbbTV interfaces allows to load and display HTML websites inside the DVBViewer.

Methods: procedure LoadInBrowser(const Url: WideString; IsHbbtv: WordBool); safecall;

Properties: property Available: WordBool;
property Visible: WordBool;

  • Change: MHEG-5: handling is now similar to HbbTV. You find a Mheg-Item inside the OSD Home-Menu which starts the MHEG window. OSD Close turns it off, which allows you to use the regular OSD even if MHEG is started.

  • Fix: HbbTV: HbbTV did not worked properly on several (e.g. virtual) machines, caused by timing related issues of webkit.

  • Add: HbbTV: AIT Parser now supports Simple application boundary descriptor

  • Add: HbbTV: Proxy can be used by a tweak

  • Fix: VirtualTreeview 5.0.1 used since screen reader support was broken

  • Fix: HbbTV: rewrite to avoid browser multithreading related problems

  • Add: HbbTV/MHEG5: Tweaks to disable both engines separately

  • Add: HbbTV/MHEG5: Zoom and stretch values in full screen mode are used for video display

  • Add: HbbTV/MHEG5: Can be disabled by a tweak

  • Fix: HbbTV: In passive mode the page is loaded only after the browser is opened and not automatically in background.

  • Removed: Exit Action (12294)

  • Add: HbbTV: Channel +/- does now simulate TAB resp. Shift+TAB key press for better handling of websites who do not work fine with cursor keys

  • Changed: OSD: Incremented revision number of the windowdef.xml


  • Add: Support for DVBSky DVB-T2/C hybrid tuner, no CI

  • Fix: HDHomeRun/Sundtek and other Network Devices devices now work again

  • Fix: Tuning with EMPIA based DVB-C USB devices if “Force Auto-modulation” is switched off.

  • Add: Support for multiple tbsCIapi.DLLs. If you use more than one CI in combination with more than one TBS card you should create additonal tbsCIapi's starting with tbsCIapi1.dll up to tbsCIapin.dll

There are a couple of changes concerning the HbbTV/MHEG5 Plugins, so if you wonder what this is, you should have a look in here.

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Fix: Tuning with EMPIA based DVB-C USB devices if “Force Auto-modulation” is switched off.


A short explanation concerning this fix:


Some time ago we introduced a "Force Auto Modulation" option for several USB DVB-C tuners due to severe tuning issues. Ticking this checkbox usually solves the problem, but causes long channel switching delays, because it lets the driver try all possible modulations until it finds a working one. Affected devices are Elgato EyeTV Hybrid, WinTV HVR 930C, Terratec Cinergy HTC, Terratec H5/H6, PCTV 510/520e, MSI Digivox Trio, all of them based on EMPIA hardware.


DVBViewer Pro 5.2.7 contains a different fix for the tuning issues that (hopefully) avoids the delays, as confirmed by a tester for a PCTV device. So you may untick Options -> Hardware -> Force Auto Modulation and try how it works. However, please note: Without this option the modulation assigned to DVB-C channels in the channellist (mostly QAM 64 or QAM 256, sometimes QAM 128) must be correct! So it may be necessary to adjust it resp. rescan channels with a suitable transponder list.


Please post questions or your practical experience concerning this matter in the forum.

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