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RDS text question


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Here it disappears after 10 seconds, and there is no option to change it, as far as I can see.


Doesn't make much sense, if you ask me, but maybe there are reasons for it that I don't know. I will look after it...

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Well depends on, from the customers view it maybe makes more sense if i disable the 10seconds timeout function. The RDS seen on the (default skin) is just a status information, like the one given if you change the aspect ratio. The OSD stores the RDS text inside a variable which can be displayed in a skin or by a plugin until a new value will be send by the broadcaster. To be honest i'm still unsure if i change the behavior (frankly i already did for testing) or if i just create a vbs script which could be used by customers who really want to have such an information displayed the whole time.

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