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RDS text question


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RDS text always dissappears after 5 sec in PRO version. Any option how can I set an "Always display RDS" as in DVBViewer GE works?

sorry for bad english

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Here it disappears after 10 seconds, and there is no option to change it, as far as I can see.


Doesn't make much sense, if you ask me, but maybe there are reasons for it that I don't know. I will look after it...

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Well depends on, from the customers view it maybe makes more sense if i disable the 10seconds timeout function. The RDS seen on the (default skin) is just a status information, like the one given if you change the aspect ratio. The OSD stores the RDS text inside a variable which can be displayed in a skin or by a plugin until a new value will be send by the broadcaster. To be honest i'm still unsure if i change the behavior (frankly i already did for testing) or if i just create a vbs script which could be used by customers who really want to have such an information displayed the whole time.

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    • efroggy
      By efroggy
      Bin diese Woche von TVMosaik auf DVBViewer umgestiegen. Eigentlich läuft alles, nur nicht so wie es offiziell sollte. Irgendetwas habe ich nicht beachtet. Das Problem stellt sich so dar:
      Wenn ich den DVBViewer pro starte, erscheint das Popup mit der Warnung: "Der Media Server läuft, aber der DVBViewer ist nicht für die gemeinsame Nutzung von DVB-Hardware konfiguriert." Wenn ich dann die Schaltfläche "Den Media Server Wizard ausführen" betätige, erscheint das Fenster für die Eingaben. Das oberste Feld ist grau und ich kann weder einen Media Server wählen, noch kann ich einen Namen eingeben. Das gilt auch für den Nutzernamen und Passwort.
      Meine Ausrüstung sieht so aus: Windows 10 PC mit zwei DD DVB-C Doppel-Tunerkarten. Darauf läuft der DVB Media Server und Kodi. Der DVBViewer wird nur zur Einrichtung und Test gestartet. Ein zweiter Klient besteht aus einem Raspberry und Kodi greift auf den obigen Media Server zu.
      Eigentlich funktioniert alles einwandfrei, EPG und die Icons sind vorhanden, auch der zweite Klient läuft. Also beide Kodis greifen auf den Media Server zu. Wenn nun der DVBViewer dazu kommt, kommt die obige Meldung. Was habe ich falsch gemacht?
    • SchauAN
      By SchauAN
      Ich suche nach einer Möglichkeit, EPG oder Ähnliches auch bei Streams aus dem Internet im DVBV GE zu haben. 
      AKtuell nutze ich unter Android MT-Cast von Sofalabor.de als Zusatzinfo, das bei Internetstreams eine Programminfo rudimentär angezeigen kann.
      Gibt es eine Lösung hierfür?
    • Karma-im-Souterrain
      By Karma-im-Souterrain
      nach langer Zeit habe ich mal wieder den DVBViewer pro ( installiert, die Hardware ist eine Fritz!Box 6490. Die Griga Version funktioniert ohne Probleme, die Pro Version springt nach dem Starten und nach jedem Senderwechsel etwas über den linken Rand meines 4k-Monitors hinaus, wenn ich eine beliebige Fenstergröße eingestellt habe.
      Wie könnte ich das beheben?
    • Patryk F
      By Patryk F
      Dear DVBViewer team,
      First of all I would like to thank You for a great software like DVBViewer is.
      I use it everyday and recommend it for every blind person which wants near fully accessible television solution.
      At this point I would also like to apologise for any potential mistakes, since it is my first post here.
      I am a bit shy in other words ;)
      I have packaged some suggestions for future development of DVBViewer.
      I assumed that putting them together would be more practical than dispersing them between apropriate threads, since they have one thing in common.
      all suggestions listed are from the visually impaired perspective, so are valid for the visually impaired interface enabled.

      1. May I ask you to reverse the old channel editor/channel scan windows separated as in V 5.X?
      It may be as an option, it does not have to be default.
      The new look of editor/scanner maybe seems more practical, but it lacks some functionalities present in the old separated scanner as well as editor.
      •  Scanner part now does not offer a "none" option when choosing a transponder list, allowing for a quick blind-scan inside DVBViewer without opening transedit. It means that you must select something from the list so doing a quick blindscan is not possible.
      • Editor has no "DiSeqc" option, so if I am correcting the setup, i cannot change the position from 7.0 to 7.1 or 7.2 for instance on the fly, during listening and satellite correction.
      I cannot also set the position to "none" if I don't want to send commands.
      2. It is not possible toread RDS when in Visually Impaired mode.
      I propose that the RDS text as well as RT and RT+ be integrated into the same read-only edit field as EPG, with a separation of 2 or 3 blank lines if both are present (as on astra 19.2 E).
      Alternatively, You may create two read-only fields between which you switch with a TAB and shift+tab key.
      3. When using visually impaired mode, the clock on a status bar (between bitrate and channel name) is irritating. May I ask for replacing it with either video bitrate (which in VI mode is available only from DVB source) or signal strength?
      4. When in VI mode, Could you please disable the auto-muting feature?
      When entering channel list editor or epg or any window of it's type, in the VI mode audio is muted, so to use epg while still listening you have to change window, press m or whatever to unmute, and proceed with an epg or whatever.
      Seems quite irritating.
      5. Since version 6.something, DVBViewer PRO presents the visually impaired mode window with the "Highlighted" text attribute.
      While it is generally helpful to read the text in this way for Low Vision users, for some reason Jaws screenreader sometimes reads unexpected things like playback time elapsed, since it is constantly changing.
      6. Last but not least, Could you please make the signal strength measure more appropriate (if a device returns it)?
      For some reason, DVBViewer pro shows the signal strength based probably on RF gain parameter, not by actual signal to noise ratio or signal link margin.
      I use two TBS products (5990 and 6903) as well as the RTL-2832 based device for DVB-t.
      While it may be problematic for 2832 to return valid Signal Strength, TBS manages to do so.
      What is more, DVBViewer GE is able to show a more intuitive signal measure.
      Thanks in advance for any feedback from You
      Patryk Faliszewski, Poland.
    • FelixFelix
      By FelixFelix
      DVBViewer GE geht mit eher mäßiger Hardware (1,7GHz PentiumM+NVidia) deutlich besser als DVBViewer Pro.
      Aber die Senderwahl reagiert oftmals gar nicht. (Tuner Cinergy TC2 USBStick).
      Vielleicht gibt es Eiinstelleungen, die das beheben?
      Meine vorläufige Abhilfe:
      1. Sendersuchlauf unbedingt nach Frequenz, nicht nach Anbieter. Innerhalb einer Frequenz keine Probleme beim Senderwechsel.
      2. Erstmal auf einen Rundfunksender tunen - das geht mindestens beim 2. Versuch. Dann  auf den gewünschten Fernsehsender.
      Irgendwarum klappt das.
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