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Web-GUI with latest recording service 1.27


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i just updated the recording service to latest version 1.27 beta and found

that the lines (with dropdown boxes) for TV, satellite, channel list

and the line below for the date selector are covered (or not displayed at all) from the time table.

The same page looks preety good with Internet Explorer.

I attach two small screenshots which show the problem.

This appears to be a browser specific bug.


Second, i have problems with the day forward button on sunday. It does not add a day until i manually set it forward 1 day, then it works again as expected.

This was the same with a previous version, both with IE and firefox.





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I have reinstalled working version 1.24 and the gui looks good.


The problem with the hanging date selector button remains.

When i set the date manually from sunday to monday it works as expected.

My opinion is, that this relates to the daylight saving switch this weekend for it does not occur in the next weeks :D

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