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Hi, I recently purchased a USB DVB-T/DAB/FM dongle it is an RTL2832U chipset with R820T tuner.
The provided software although works has many flaws so I have been searching online for alternatives.
So far DVBViewer Pro v5.1.0 demo has been the most impressive in terms of image quality, however it is far from perfect.
I have found a few issues with the demo version and some features missing which may or may have be fixed with v5.2 which I haven't purchased yet.



- List channels by LNC (logical channel number) this is the channel number assigned to a TV channel when using a Freeview DVB-T adapter in the UK.

- Support for AD (audio description) for the visially impaired.
Some TV shows are broadcasted with a voice description this is played in the second audio stream while normal content uses the first stream.
If AD gets supported would it be possible to select mixing levels for the 2 audio streams i.e. 50%, 75% 100%.

- Swap L/R audio channels.

- Audio limiter - reduce the audio levels when TV channels play very loud adverts vs quiet content.

- Audio lip sync - adjust audio timing with respect to video this should help compensate latency introduced by Bluetooth audio or poorly authored content.

- MHEG-5 support for interactive content

- Subtitle adjustments i.e. size, fonts and transparency of black background.


- Remember subtitle on / off setting per channel (and maybe AD).



- Some radio channels are playing at the wrong speed (double) I believe this is because the mp2 decoder doesn't handle mono audio content correctly (48k 96kbps mono).

- Video colour adjustment is not working - maybe limitation with demo version??

- Subtitles are rendered with wrong aspect ratio in Windowed mode, subtitles are correct only in full screen mode.
Adjusting the window shape appear stretch the text but does match correctly with the video content.

Apart from DVB-T my dongle also provides (filter access) support for DAB and FM radio, so far I have been unable to find any software alternative from the provided software.
It would be great if DVBViewer could at least support DAB and DAB+ for the RTL2832U chipset I have SDR software but it's heavy on CPU usage.


Richard S.

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Looking at the forum I see that MHEG-5 maybe supported.

Does this come as standard with DVBViewer or do I have to purchase some kind of add-on??

Richard S.

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