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SAT>IP client

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I have just got a Triax TSS400 IP server to try out with the aim of replacing some of my USB SAT tuners and the PC mediaserver in a cupboard...


I plan to use recording service for recordings and DNLA streams to network devices - Smart TV and DNLA streamer (+ 2 smartphones with Elgato SAP>IP client)


I found a SAT>IP version of DVBViewer and tried it. It has options to select the SAT>IP server, setup each input to a specific satellite and scan for channels.

I cant see in DVBViewer Pro (even 5.2.9) where these settings are. I have added 4 RSTP tuners and pointed them at the Triax, but that appears to be that..?


Is there a plugin to give DVBViewer Pro this full SAT>IP functionality, or is it possible to import a channel config file from the SAT>IP version to the DVBViewer Pro version?




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I don't understand your problem. Do you have multiple Sat>IP Server an each is connected to a different Sat position? Than you need a channel group per server.


Or do you have one server which is able to receive different satellites? In this case just add 1 to 4 RTSP devices select for each one the server IP. And run a channel scan for each sat position.

In this case there is no need to connect a device to a sat position.

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The nomenclature inside the Sat>IP Application differs a bit from the one of the DVBViewer. What is named inside the Sat>IP Application as Source 1-4 is the DiSEqc value inside the DVBViewer. Source 1-4 is the same like Position A/Option A .. Position B/Option B.

If you have multiple Sources plugged on your device use Position A/Option A for Source 1, Position A/Option B for Source 2 etc.

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