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TransEdit Problem

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Pleas post a support.zip


Does not matter !


Because the problem in 4.0.7 and continues in this release.


@griga said, "to be investigated," he said.


What happened ?


4.0.0 and 4.0.1 are exported. Not exported after.


Solve that problem anymore ...

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no problem here


there is something wrong with you system


you should reinstall windows an redownload DVBViewer and transedit from the members section


or in short fix your system there is no problem in transedit

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With version 4.1.0, can not still exported.


Sorry for that, but I don't know why it happens on your PC. It was investigated, but there is no evidence for a bug in TransEdit. It works here, for all beta testers and several users without problems.

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I have a slow start version 4.1.

Goes somewhere 3 seconds after I click on the icon, then see the main application window.

In version 4.0.8 immediately, less than 1 second.

something has been changed?

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Yes, yes mate.


Export okay.


Re-Install DVBViewer


and result ;





I thank the contributors.


Best regards.

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