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Streaming to Android - another one


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I am trying to stream to Android using VinoRosso's Webapp. First of all, it's a great tool and I am sure my problem has nothing to do with this app.

My problem is that streaming on my home lan is working 100% using the Webapp on Android and transcoded ffmpeg streaming, but over the internet the max data rate which can be achieved is around 2 mbits, so the 1.5 mbits ffmpeg preset works fine but the 2 mbits preset doesnt and ends up in heavy stuttering. My upload bandwidth is 5 mbits and no matter how I test it on the Recording Service machine I always reach these 5 mbits (speedtests, file transfers etc.). I am still in the process of testing, but so far my results are:

Streaming to webapp on Android - 2 mbits max - tested on a Galaxy S2 + two different S3, and a Nexus 7 (2012) using MXplayer, BSplayer, Vplayer, VLC, Dice Player. All other speedtests on these devices give me roughly 20 mbits.

Streaming to browser with flow player on an old Windows XP Laptop - 5 mbits max - the way it should be.

I have tried to eliminate all the known bottlenecks on the Recording Service side, like turning off Antivirus and Firewall, tried 2 different routers, various ffmpeg builds.

And now I am running out of ideas...

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You ionly need Dvb Recording Service, use Skifta from Qualcomm on your android device, search for it on Google Play, it will show you even into WIFI the recording service serving all your tv channels and media files configured into recording service, then use Mxplayer to view the content, you can view all your recordings too.


With this config you can view HD channels without problems.

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