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problems with two consecutive timers

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I successfully set up the recording service, but there is one problem that I have encoutered several times since then. When there are two consecutive timers, the service often selects the "wrong" card, which is then not available for the timer that starts let's say 10 minutes afterwards. Let me explain it:

I have two tuners: Tuner 1 is with DiSEqC on 5 satellites, but it is only DVB-S, and Tuner 2 is only for one satellite (one of those 5 for Tuner 1 - Astra 23°E) and it is DVB-S2. (In the channel list, channels that can be received by Tuner 1 are in group A, DVB-S channels from Astra 23E are in group B and DVB-S2 channels from Astra 23E are in group C. Tuner 1 is set up to receive channels from groups A and B and tuner 2 from groups B and C)

Model situation: I set up one timer from 2100 to 2200 on a DVB-S channel from Astra 23E (i.e. either tuner can take it) and the second timer from 2115 to 2215 on a DVB-S2 channel from Astra 23 (only Tuner 2 can handle it). But since the Tuner 2 is higher in the list (priorities of both are Normal), it takes the first timer, so the second timer starts recording only after the first one finishes (at 2200). But if the first time was taken by tuner 1, the tuner 2 would be able to record the second timer from the beginning. Setting the tuner 1 as "preferred" or moving it higher in the list does not help, because if I set up a sooner timer from a DVB-S channel on Astra 23 (both tuners can take it) and a later overlapping timer on Astra 19 (only tuner 1 can take it), the sooner timer would be taken by tuner 1, which would be subsequently unavailable for the later timer.


So my idea is that the recording service should "think ahead" and use the tuner "bearing in mind" the subsequent timers.

Or, if it's not possible, to "split" the file being recorded (this could be a selectable option):

If the time of a timer comes while an earlier timer is still recording and there is no available tuner for the new timer, but the new timer would be available with the tuner just recording and the earlier timer could be recorded with the free tuner as well (time 2115 in my example), the recording service would "swap" the tuners (pass the already running recording to the other tuner and start the new timer with the freed tuner), with the possible (adjustable) overlap of let's say default one minute (i.e. start the second part/file on 2114 (or 2115), stop the first part/file on 2115 (or 2116) and at the same time start recording the new timer).





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