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DVBViewer 5.3.0


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We have released the new DVBViewer Pro 5.3.0 today.

ATTENTION: You can download the DVBViewer Pro 5.3.0 only from https://www.DVBViewer.tv/members/

We introduced in 2010 a new protection system with Version 4.5, if you haven't already got the new user credentials please read also: http://www.DVBViewer...ew-credentials/

DVBViewer Pro 5.3.0
In Memoriam - Lars Gehre

Changelog DVBViewer Pro 5.3.0


Main Menu

  • Change: Menus: General restructuring of the DVBViewer Main Menu. Some menus and menu items were renamed and /or moved to another location. A new Playback Menu was added. The upper part of the Context Menu that appears after right-clicking the main window now exactly mirrors the main menu structure.

  • Change: Main Menu: Former DVBViewer Menu renamed to TV/Radio. All items that are not TV/Radio related (like "Open Media File") were moved to the new Playback Menu (see below).

  • Change: Main Menu: Former Channel Menu renamed to Favourites. It only contains favourites now (if present). Other items like "Channel List", "Channel Editor" etc.were moved to the TV/Radio Menu (see above), the Channel Auto Update option to Settings -> Options -> TV/Radio.

  • Add: Main Menu: New Playback Menu containing playback-related items formerly residing in the DVBViewer Menu and other locations.

  • Change: Main Menu: DVD submenu removed. Items like "Stop", "Fast Forward", "Next" etc. are now available in the new Playback Menu and also apply to other playback types, not to DVD only.

  • Change: Main Menu: Playlist Submenu removed, Playlist menu item moved to the new Playback Menu, where it directly opens the Playlist Window. Its toolbar and context menu provide all functions of the former Playlist Submenu.

  • Change: Main Menu: "Close Graph" moved from View Menu to Playback Menu and renamed to the more comprehensible "Playback Off". The function now works as a toggle. If playback is already switched off, DVBViewer resumes playback of the last channel or file.

  • Change: Main Menu: "Rebuild Graph" moved from the View Menu to the Playback Menu and renamed to the more comprehensible "Rebuild Playback".

  • Add: Main Menu: Video Playback Off/On switch in the Playback Menu. Only applies to TV/Radio and file playback with DVBViewer Filter. Allows to disable video playback without stopping audio.

  • Change: Main Menu: View Menu reduced to user interface related items, thus conforming to the Windows standard. Playback related items were moved to the new Playback Menu (see above), TV/Radio related items like "Picture in Picture", "Mosaic View" and "CAM Menu" to the TV/Radio Menu. The Filters Submenu is now available in the Settings Menu.

  • Change: Main Menu: View -> Menu Bar and View -> Title Bar items reversed resp. renamed from Hide... to Show... for unification. The actions in the file actions.ini were renamed accordingly (ShowMenu, ShowTitlebar). The action numbers remained unchanged.

  • Fix: Main Menu: The View -> Show Titlebar setting was not saved when closing DVBViewer.

  • Fix: Main Menu: If the Recording Service reported an available CI module, the "CAM Menu" menu item was enabled for RTSP devices, though they do not provide such a menu.

  • Change: Main Menu: Playrate Submenu (only visible on playback without DVBViewer Filter) moved from the Settings Menu to the new Playback Menu.


  • Change: Playback: Graph building code restructured. Decoders are now connected directly to the output pins of source filters / splitters, thus preventing DirectShow's "Intelligent Connect" from occasionally replacing user-configured decoders by other components.

  • Fix: Playback: Audio playback tended to leak memory and to crash on stop if visualizations were active.

  • Fix: Playback: The Play/Pause/Stop Buttons appearing in the Radio Window status bar on audio file playback (if Option -> TV & Radio -> Hide video display area is switched on) didn't work correctly.

  • Add: Playback: If playback is already switched off, the Stop function generally resumes playback of the last channel or file, thus working as toggle. Please note: The function of the Stop button and menu item are configurable for file playback (see below)

  • Change: File Playback: Options -> Movies -> Playback stop action is now performed without a preceding "Playback Off", thus enabling more possibilities than before. The default is "Stop". "None" also triggers "Stop" (for compatibility). The former default "Last Channel" works as before.

  • Add: TV/Radio Playback: The stop function switches playback off/on in TV/Radio mode (previously inoperable).

  • Fix: File Playback: TS files without PAT/PMT (e.g. TechniSat receiver recordings) couldn't be played with the DVBViewer Filter.

  • Add: File Playback: The condition VC-1 (for VC-1 video) can be used in Auto B Conditions and Presets.

  • Fix: File Playback: Useless "Press 0 to start from the beginning" OSD message on audio track changes removed (only file playback without DVBViewer Filter affected if "Options -> Movies -> Resume and ask" is switched on).

  • Fix: File Playback: Video postprocessor filters inserted by filtergraph presets for displaying subtitles (like ffdshow subtitle filter or VSFilter AKA DirectVobSub) were not connected to the subtitle ouput pin of a splitter filter like LAV or Haali.

  • Add: File Playback: DVBViewer is now able to receive multiple files as commandline parameter (previously it only used the last one). Practically this feature enables to select several media files in the Windows Explorer and drag & drop them on the DVBViewer icon, thus activating playlist playback.

  • Fix: Stream Playback: Several issues in the “Open URL” window, particularly concerning the history list.

  • Fix: Stream Playback: DVBViewer ignored the DirectX user settings when building a filter graph for audio streaming sources (e.g. internet radio).

  • Change: Stream Playback: ShockWave rendering removed (introduced for streaming services that were hardly ever used).

  • Fix: Stream Playback: Wrong handling of the "Stream" condition in Auto A/B and preset conditions.

  • Fix: Stream Playback: Opening variable bitrate AAC or MP3 stream URLs could block DVBViewer for several minutes.

  • Fix: Stream Playback: Opening Windows Media stream URLs could cause filter graph building failure.

  • Fix: UPnP: Selecting an entry that lists hundreds of files in the Playback -> Open UPnP -> UPnP Select window could block the application for a long time.

  • Fix: CD Playback: Audio CD playback with the DVBViewer Filter didn't work, forcing DVBViewer to use an external CD source filter as fallback.

  • Fix: Playlist: Bug when writing M3U files, including the file Playlist.m3u in the configuration folder. All extended information (#EXTINF, e.g. the title) were omitted.

Recording & Timeshift

  • Change: Recorder Options: "Write extended log file" checkbox removed. DVBViewer now always writes an extended recording log.

  • Change: Recorder Options: "Instant Recording" settings removed (still available as tweak, see Tweaker.exe).

  • Change: Recorder Options: "Remove H.264/MPEG2 filler data" checkboxes replaced by a single "Remove video filler data" checkbox affecting both formats.

  • Change: Recorder Options: "Split file after.." setting removed (still available as tweak, see Tweaker.exe).

  • Add: Recorder: DVBViewer automatically splits a recording into pieces slightly smaller than 4GB if the file is written to a FAT32 formatted drive. So there is no need to use the "Split file after..." option for this purpose anymore.

  • Change: Recorder Options: Task Scheduler settings moved from Options -> Extended to Options -> Recorder -> Recording.

  • Fix: Scheduler: The internal task scheduler ignored auto-repeated recordings.

  • Change: Timer Recordings: Special Action sub-menu removed. The Transponder Dump option is now available in the Timer Action dropdown list.

  • Change: Timer Recordings: The "Recording Folder and Special Action" button now has a caption ("Folder") and directly opens the Recording Folder menu. The button is disabled for external recordings (executed by the Recording Service), or if no alternative recording directories are specified (see Options → Recorder).

  • Fix: Timer Recordings: DVBViewer didn't receive the "Transponder Dump" setting from the Recording Service.

  • Change: Recording Statistics: AV Control in the Recording and Device Statistics Window removed. The options are already covered by functions like "Stop", "Video Playback Off" or "Mute".

  • Fix: Recording: Setting an end time in the popup menu that appears after clicking the Record Button in the Main Window (if a recording is going on) did not immediately update the end time in the Recording Statistics and Timer Recordings windows.

  • Change:Timeshift: In case of a channel change "Options -> Recorder -> Timeshift -> Warning on timeshift termination" only takes effect if time-shifted playback is going on, not if a channel is played live, thus avoiding a confirmation dialog on each channel change if "Options -> Recorder -> Timeshift -> Start timeshift automatically" is switched on.

  • Change: Timeshift: The Stop function (button or menu item) first switches timeshift off if it is active. A warning is displayed (if enabled in the options), also in case of live playback. If timeshift is already switched off the Stop function switches playback off.

  • Change: Timeshift: The Play function (button or menu item) resumes timeshift playback, if paused (as before). If time-shifted playback is already going on, Play jumps to the live position (new). If live playback is going on Play jumps to the last time-shifted position or the beginning of the file, if there is no last position (new).


  • Fix: Hardware: Reading of an uninitialized memory area under certain circumstances when searching for a free device, yielding unpredictable results.

  • Fix: Hardware: Discontinuities with Digital Devices cards on overlapping recordings of the same channel.

  • Fix: Hardware:: Decryption of a scrambled channel by Digital Devices CI was stopped by switching to an unscrambled channel on the same transponder (thus spoiling an ongoing recording of the scrambled channel).

  • Fix: Hardware: Bug in DVBSky CI MMI handling (didn't take effect until now due to another bug in the DVBSky driver), unnecessary excessive logging when using DVBSky CI.

  • Change: Hardware: Support for Twinhan WDM drivers removed.

  • Fix: Hardware: Access violation if a device currently used by DVBViewer was disconnected.

  • Change: Hardware: A more efficient and manageable internal representation of the device list.

  • Fix: RTSP Device: Potential PID filter problem fixed, internal structure optimized.

  • Change: RTSP Device: Automatic search for an alternative server removed. If the RTSP device cannot connect to the configured server it only checks if its IP address has changed. If yes the RTSP device corrects and saves it automatically.

  • Change: Hardware Options: General reordering of control elements.

  • Change: Hardware Options: The former "+" Button (now called "Add") doesn't open a dialog window anymore, but a pop-up menu allowing to select the type of virtual network device (RTSP, Unicast, IPTV or File) that shall be inserted at the selected device list position.

  • Add: Hardware Options: OctopusNet CI configuration in the RTSP (SAT>IP) settings window. If the (selected) server is detected as OctopusNet, the window displays a drop-down list containing the following options

    Don't use CI
    Use any CI
    Use CI #1
    Use CI #2

    for assigning a CI to the RTSP device. "Any CI" means the first available (unoccupied) CI. The last two options require OctopusNet 1.0.17 or later.
    Please note: An RTSP device configured for OctopusNet CI usage occupies the CI all the time while it is active, even when DVBViewer receives unscrambled streams. If the CI is not available, tuning will fail in any case. A dynamic CI allocation and deallocation "per channel" can only be achieved by using two RTSP devices assigned to OctopusNet, one configured for unscrambled channels ("No CI"), the other one for scrambled channels only. The channels must be assigned to the two RTSP devices by using different channel groups for unscrambled and scrambled channels.

  • Change: Hardware Options: All settings of virtual network devices are now stored in the file hardware.xml. The file network.xml isn't used for this purpose anymore. Please note: For compatibility with former versions DVBViewer reads settings from network.xml as long as they are not yet available in hardware.xml, but doesn't write to it anymore. Changed network device settings can not be read by former versions (no compatiblity in backward direction).

  • Change: Hardware Options: All hardware settings (including virtual network device settings) are preserved on Scan Devices, except those prescribed by the BDA hardware database for important reasons. Formerly Scan Devices reset several settings to their default.

  • Change: Hardware Options: Opening a dialog window with the Settings Button doesn't require to release the affected device anymore and to stop playback resp. recording.

  • Fix: Hardware Options: Closing the Options with Cancel didn't restore previous hardware settings. Please note: Even the results of "Scan Devices" or changes in a dialog windows opened with the Settings Button are now discarded on Cancel!

  • Fix: Hardware Options: Connecting or disconnecting a device from the PC didn't trigger an update of the device list (red display of unavailable devices).

  • Fix: Hardware Options: Missing selection of the moved entry after dragging and dropping device list entries.

  • Fix: Hardware Options: The "Use TCP instead of UDP" checkbox for RTSP devices assigned to the Recording Service didn't show up in the RTSP device settings until a server list entry was selected. The protocol is now represented by two radio buttons “UDP” and “TCP”.

  • Change: Hardware Options: "Low bandwidth mode (USB 1.1)" checkbox removed (still available as hardware.xml tweak – create an “LowBandWidth” entry with the value 1 in the according section).

  • Add: Hardware Options: "Scan Devices" auto-detects Digital Devices cards that are DVB-T2 capable.


  • Change: Logging: debug.log, osd.log and osderror.log dropped. All log entries are written to the file DVBViewer.log, by default only critical errors and exceptions. The commandline parameter -debug additionally enables general event logging (as before), and -osddebug (new) general OSD event logging. The parameters -debug and -osddebug can be used separately or together.

  • Fix: Options: When using the tab key for navigation the selection rectangle marking checkboxes as focused wasn't displayed. Additionally the tab order had to be corrected on some pages (= order of control elements when using the tab key).

  • Change: Extended Options: "Ignore error messages" checkbox removed (still available as tweak, see Tweaker.exe)

  • Change: EPG Options: Restructured. The former "Do not receive EPG Data" checkbox now appears as a reverse "Receive standard EPG data" checkbox making more clear what it does.

  • Fix: EPG Options: After removing all MediaHighway/Freesat entries the default was restored on next launch. Additionally there were outdated Outdated MediaHighway entries.

  • Change: Teletext Options: Color settings removed.

  • Add: TV/Radio Options: General Restructuring. The "Disable video/audio when minimized" checkbox was replaced by a "Playback in minimized state" dropdown list providing three options: On, Stopped and Audio Only - the latter letting you hear what is going on while video decoding is switched off in order to save CPU power.

  • Fix: Channel Logo Options: Changes didn't activate the Apply Button.

  • Change: Visualization Options: The section has been merged with the Music section. The "Reload Plugin List" button and the Plugin path setting have been removed. The directory now always is DVBViewer\VisPlugins.

  • Fix: OSD: System -> Settings -> Music settings were not synchronized with according settings in the Options Window. The Show Visualizations setting didn't take effect until DVBViewer was relaunched.

  • Fix: OSD: Radio text wasn't removed on Playback Off.

  • Fix: Recording Service Wizard: Bug causing heavy access violations if the Recording Service Wizard was executed while DVB devices were used (e..g. for TV/Radio playback). Now, when clicking "Finish", the wizard displays a warning in case of ongoing recordings and stops every DVB device usage.

  • Add: Recording Service Wizard: Support for DVB-T2 and IPTV devices (requires Recording Service 1.28.0 or later).

  • Change: GUI Skins: Default GUI Skins adapted to the new menu structure

  • Fix: GUI Skins: Position slider resp. seeking issues.

  • Change: Channellist Editor: The file dialog for importing channellist files now shows all channellist file types at once (e.g. *.csv and *.ini), no need to select the types separately anymore.

  • Fix: Commandline: DVBViewer ignored the upper 32 Bit of a 64 bit channel ID passed as part of a -c parameter.

  • Add: Datamanager: #System.mute contains the current mute state (1 = muted | 0 = unmuted).

  • Update: VOD Source Filter to version 2.2.0

  • Update: Transponder lists for Astra 13°/23°/28° East and Hotbird 13° East.

  • Update: Tweaker.exe to version 1.0.5 (search function added).

  • Update: Hardware Database: TBS, DVBSky and Digital Devices cards added.

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