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I have been trying Christian's new app and am finding it very interesting, but thought I would post one issue here. When connecting to the RS, playback of video or live TV on my Nexus 7 is generally failing, with message "Can't play this video".


Of the selection of TV channels I tried (mainly German satellite and UK terrestrial), the only video that played was on some German HD channels - Das Erste, ZDF group, WDR, but not Einsfestival. The AC3 audio on these channels would not play.


For video playback, no RS-recorded files would play. Out of around 6 movie files I tried, the ones with XviD video and AC3 audio failed completely, but those with AVC/AAC played OK.


Is this likely to be a device issue or the app?

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Sorry i did not read it earlier. The application is not intended to play DVB from the Recording Service. We do plan to add re-encoding which is selectable via the UPNP service of the recording service later, but in theory it should play mpeg2 at least on some devices. I did not tested it on my first gen Nexus, but with the Huawei Tablet i have here. I'm not sure if there are codecs available in order to play mpeg2 content.

I would like to implement general playback, but as you know if so we have to pay license fees for MpegLA which are way more higher than the price of the player :(



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Nexus devices cant play mpeg2 content natively.


Other manufactures may have implemented a mpeg2 decoder, but stock Android defintely cant.

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