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How To Record 2 Channels At Once?


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I have 2 DVB-C Tuners but cannot record two channels at once?


They are both connected the same way and I have tested each one individually and they are fine.


I am sure it is something to do with my setup as when I scan for channels it says at the bottom that it is only scanning the first tuner.


I have tried setting the first one to channel group a & the second to channel group b but when I try to scan it then says no hardware available?


I have now set them both back to all channel groups and then a scan will complete ok but only on the first tuner


As I say I am sure it is something silly I have missed but I cannot work it out, can anyone please help?


Many Thanks

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Are that fta or encrypted channel.

You should test with fta channel.

With encrypted channel only one channel per tuner and CAM is possible.


And you don't need the channel groups. You would only need then if each tuner had a cam and different pay-TV subscription in it. So that both cards are not able to receive the same channels.

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Many thanks for your reply :-)


I have been playing and found I can record BBC1 & BBC2 at the same time is that due to being on the same transponder?


I am unable to record bbc1 & ITV/Channel5 etc...... the 2nd channel appears to start recording but I just get a 1kb file in the folder..


any ideas?


Many Thanks

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With one tuner you can record all unencrypted channel from one transponder (frequency).


Are both tuners connected to the cable system?


Are both tuners working? Disable one tuner in options > hardware > don't use.

And try to receive a channel. And then disable the other tuner and try to receive a channel.

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You have installed the Recording Service, but it is not configured correctly. Both DVBViewer and the RS are accessing the same hardware.


If you don't know how to use the Recording Service correctly, uninstall it. DVBViewer doesn't need it for recording. You can come back to it later if required. First try to get DVBViewer working without add-ons that make it more complicated.

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Many thanks for your reply


I have installed the recording service as that is what I will be using (not DVBViewer itself) as this is for an XBMC setup.


I am currently just trying to get this to work using the web browser for recording by connecting to the recording service


I have looked over and over through the DVBViewer setup and the only configuration difference I can find it to set one tuner as preferred and the other as normal or both as normal, what are you saying is not configured correctly?


Many Thanks

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I have read through & through & now re-installed DVBViewer (not using recording service) but cannot see how I can do anything different as I can still only record 1 channel at a time. Is there any information on multiple tuners that I am missing? I really cannot find any more information different than installing the software & configuring the tuners & performing a scan.


You say I have configured DVBViewer & RS to use the same hardware but I have to install DVBViewer to install RS & DVBViewer automatically detects and uses the tuners.. If I delete them and apply they are gone (RS still wont record two channels) but if I restart DVBViewer the tuners are automatically detected again..


sorry if I am being a pain but I am really struggling with this and am googled out...


Many Thanks

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Start the DVBViewer via start menu > programs > DVBViewer > Support > DVBViewer Pro (Debug Mode)


And start two recordings on different channels. Stop the recordings and the DVBViewer.

Than generate a new support.zip and post it.

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Thank you, I will do this... can you tell me where the log file is please as I would love to look through it and try to resolve issues myself?


Many Thanks

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In the configuration folder. Or just generate a support.zip and open it your selves.
It is a simple .zip archive. And all contained file can be opened with a text editor.
On windows I use Notepad++

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