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Dvbviewer and NAS + Tv tuner ^ Dvblink Tv server


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Hello, i am newbie..


i have this HW:


Netgear Readynas 312

2.1ghz atom, 4gb ram


along with


Evolveo Venus - dual usb stick tv tuner

with software DVBLINK TV SERVER, that is linux based app for NAS servers allowing record and stream videos from tv tuner


When i play streams on my PC from NAS using Windows Media Player, it works ok. Also using Media Player Classic works flawless. But in DVBViewer i am having big difficulties.

In my opinion there is something with Mpeg 2 demuxer or Mpeg 2 decoders, ... i dont know..


because twice happened, that i have seen working video along with sound in DVBViewer, but that didnt happened more again. (Tv signal source is ok.)


urls come in this shape (contained in m3u files):


or in this shape:


neither work (in DVBViewer). Altought NAS side Dvblink monitoring shows, that stream is being encoded correctly with bitrate and also channel changes there, if i change url or stream in DVBViewer. Just no video and audio appears inside it (except the 2 or 3 cases described above)...


I have spent about 4 hours trying to find a solution..


I am complete newbie, i was also trying to add a hardware inside DVBViewer, that maybe should not be necesarry. But also i didnt succeeded. Altought i know, i can add normal playlist along with URLs. I thought it could get load some net stream or etc, but i dont know if this DVBlink TV server produces. This should be only DVBViewer problem, as WMP and MPC:HC are working correctly. Thanks for any help


i have not much possible settings in DvbLink TV server, it only shows: PORT for administration 39876 along with PORT for broadcast 8100. I have put these credentials into "imaginational" tv tuners like dvb-IP-tv but with no succes, because i m noob.




if i open UPNP, DVBLINK DLNA SERVER, i can browser tv channels, urls are in the second shape (quoted in text above), but when i load them into DVBViewer, it says "playing" but with no audio or video showing.


i have also deleted user folder of DVBViewer to prevent any mess and start from scratch.. no success. Altought i was using it before in Win 7 along with TV tuner plugged into USB directly.




if i have used DVBViewer downloader and downloaded LAV splitter, audio and video codecs (that uses MPC HC, i have checked, same codecs), i also get no audio and video. On the list of the filters is only: EVR renderer empty and MPEG2-demuxer, if i click the second, no properities window appears or etc. Just nothing happens.

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Hello, i am paying customer od DVBViewer.. i also recommended this sw to many people. Could i get a little help and attention?

What do you need ? Data? Log? Here is some aditional info about streams, that are coming out of DVBlink server - TV source.




DVBlink software produces UPNP playlist, that is normally opened and recognized in DVBViewer


also it produces m3u playlist url example :

playlist just for example:




but DVBViewer doesnt open any of the urls typed in directly, any of the UPNP channels, or any of the channels from m3u playlist.


My DVBlink server is in monitoring saying, that IS SENDING stream data when DVBViewer is used to open channels. So mayba only some problem inside DVBviwer? Only thing, that differs is MPEG2 DEMULTIPLEXER ?

Is Dvbviwer using its own proprietary? I think this could be a source of problem.


Because there is no other differcence betwee Dvbviwer and Media Player classic, both using same LAV codecs, only - maybe = my opinion - different splitter.


I need to help to open my TV channels inside DBViewer anyway..

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Hello, i dont know if i understand you correctly..


But i own USB TV TUNER (Evolveo Venus) connected to NAS server (Readynas 312) and this remains as is. I spent $300 for NAS, $40 for usb tv tuner, and finally $80 for Dvblink TV server software.


Purpose is simple, NAS server is always on, so I achieve recording from TV my favorite TV shows, anytime. Like Simpsons in late night (after midnight), or reprises of some other shows during time, when i have my PC turned off.


So connecting USB tv tuner back into my PC is stepback, downgrade and etc. And by the way.. i already had that setup, it was working ok. But disadvantage is major and described above...


Im trying to search a page (that was a nice page on the internet, i dont know URL address), describing exactly what kind of streams can DVBLink TV source produce. It has multiple options. And it produces normal Mpeg 2. As i said, DVBViewer recognizes TV channell list correctly, but when switching to channells, no audio or video is coming out of it. When Media player classic handles this, i see source of problem in DVBViewer itself.

I tried to replace it with recording service and add hardware there, but i dont know hot to setup upnp receival there. It has same options as DVBViewer, only less of them:-(


edit: i think this is it, some info about API of Dvblink, but how to connect with DVBViewer.. . :( i think adding a network tuner or so? but does it have such a option and feature?


edit2: when i open selected channel in DVBViewer Filters list shows only Mpeg 2 Demultiplexer, which if i click, nothing happens, strange, and Video on demand filter, that is grayed out, nothing else...

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Hi soundguy!


Sorry, but this DVBLink thinge is unfamiliar ground for me and probably for everyone else on this forum if judging from the scarce response you have gotten so far. The reason for that is the main part of us DVBViewer fans are using the Recording Service exactly for the purpose you are trying to use the DVBLink server. The purpose of the Recoring Service is to record and stream videos over network (DVBViewer clients on other computers or over inet). It also no problem to store the RS recordings to your NAS. I dont think you need the DVBLink server at all.

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Hello, majstang, thanks for your reply and tries for helping me anyway, i appreciate it. I have already bought both mentioned software so i also support DVBViewer's authors already.


I am fully awared how to use DVBViewer + Recording service. I had this setup at windows PC earlier. Problem is, when it shutdowns (every night), machine is not able record anything anymore (logically).

I use automatic recording of TV SHOWS, so i dont care, when (time) they broadcast it (it is various). I just pick "Friends", or "Simpsons" and it is being recorded anytime(every broadcast from epg) without need of any other action.


It was working ok (but i used to miss night broadcasted episodes).. So i have bought NAS server recently, running 24/7. It is linux machine, so i cant use Recording service there (if there is not any Linux distribution of it, that im am not awared of).. If I am correct, Recording service is windows only.


So i HAVE TO use DVBlink, linux on demmand TV broadcast server, that works flawless, but not with DVBViewer as a client (WMP, MPC:HC, VLC: all ok). DVBViewer has, as the only program, problem with streams coming out of it.

That is what i am trying to say..




I would appreciate if there would be some way how to change default MPEG2 DEMUX of DVBViewer to custom... That could solve whole problem, IMHO.

Because as i have already said, DVBViewer reads channel list from UPNP of NAS server correctly, but cant open any of the streams..

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I am fully awared how to use DVBViewer + Recording service. I had this setup at windows PC earlier. Problem is, when it shutdowns (every night), machine is not able record anything anymore (logically).


Even though i cant do much about your dvbvlink trouble in combination with DVBViewer (as client), you are mistaken about the above quote. RS recording timers wakes up the computer 3 minutes before recording start. In order to get this working instead of shutdown you should have used sleep or hibernation.

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