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Multiple Anysee CI problem with encrypted channels

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I have just bought the program and are experience some difficulties with decoding multiple encrypted channels.


My setup is:


Windows 8.1


2 x anysee (DVB-T2) with CI modules and working program cards,


I have no problem watching one encrypted channel.


I can watch one encrypted and one non encrypted channels.


I can recode one encrypted channel and watch another non encrypted channel at the same time.


BUT I cannot recode one encrypted channel and at the same time watch another encrypted channel. If I do I only get a froxen screen. If I go back to the recoded channel and stop the recoding, I cannot change the channel to another encrypted channel after this. I need to close the program and start over to get the encrypted channels to work again. Non encrypted channels are always working, even after the freezing have happened.


I have tried the same setup on another computer, and gets the same results.


I have split the anysee on to two computers, and then I can watch the encrypted channels simultaneously.


So why is the DVBViewer crashing when handling multiple anysee and decoding encrypted channels?


I have tried and enabled/disabled all checkboxes under Hardware like “stop data stream when channel shift”, with no better result.


Please help!




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