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4K Videos and Channels DLNA


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First of all I love the recording service, I like to stream videos and channels to my 4K LG tv by dlna but I have some problems with the 4k channels and videos, when I try to tune a 4k hevc channel it won't stream and the tv saids skip to another file, same happen to 4k videos I have on my pc they are 4k hevc with dts and ac3 codecs, is there any way to stream those by dlna with recording service do I need to change something in settings or can you give support for it?


Thanks in advance.

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..can you watch the 4k channels directly with your tv? With my 4k-Samsung live and streaming of HEVC works ok.


I can't, When I choice one of the 4k channels it starts loading but never display audio or video, when I try another I got an error that saids "can't reproduce the file skip to the next one", and when I tried to stream the 4k files I made a folder for them and the recording service on my tv show me the folder but no files on it, if I transfer the videos to a usb and connect it to my 4k tv the videos play fine, same if I record the 4k channels and save the files to the usb, they play very well.

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