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Stuttering HD Channels


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Hi All, I have had this problem for a while now. I actually have avoided watching HD channels on my PC because of this problem. I have in the past installed Windows 7 a couple of times and it does the same thing. I now have Windows 10 and thought that the problem would go away. But it hasn't. I have tried to disable in nVidia the VSync to see if it was a problem with that. But it doesn't work. The only two channles that had no stuttering were NHK World HD and Channel 4 HD, but NHK World HD moved transponders and I had to re-scan and now it also stutters. The only channel that doesn't stutter is Channel 4 HD. I am using the LAV filters and have tried CoreAVC and still it is the same. I can't figure it out.


I have attached the Support file.

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