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HbbTV menu and links not working

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I’ve purchased the HbbTV/MHEG 5 Engine and browsed the default pages which are in the main German? My problems are


I cannot view BBCi player if I try I get “this device doesn’t support BBCi player” I’ve tried to edit the XML web link but still get the same response. I'm in the uk and know the service is available as I can view it on my Sony TV.


The YouTube link doesn’t show on the onscreen menu even though it is in the XML.


If I try to add any links in the XML they do not show in the menu.


Is there a detailed help guide anywhere as I cannot find one


Or does anybody in the UK have a XML file I may use please?


Thank you in advance

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This message appears if the service does not want to have non certified players dealing with their additional content.

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Thank you for that reply, that's a great shame though and looking like the add on purchase was a waste of time.


Can you help with any of the other issues I have ie not seeing all the stock links or any I add into the menu?

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I suppose you mean you added them into the hbbtv.xml file? The file is updated by the server, so it is not a good idea to change it on the client, unless you also change the <HbbTV Version="20151512">​ version on your local machine. The next misunderstanding is that you have to update the file located in the settings folder and not the one in the program folder.

By the way in 99% of the hbbtv cases the website tries to check the user agent in order to decide if the page can be shown or not. You can assign different agents to pages by adding rules in the hbbtv.xml file.


For example in your BBC case, you could add the following entry to the user agent section:


<item URL="*bbc.co.uk*" Agent="Opera/9.80 HbbTV/1.1.1 (+PVR+DL;CMUV;DVBViewer;1.0;1.0;)"/>


So every page from BBC will get this Agent as client. BBC seem to test for Opera/9.80 as Agent. I assume play back of the video won't work. There might be a geo check, but at least in Germany i'm unable to receive the streams.




If you are familiar with javascript you can open a javascript debugger by executing a vbs script with the following content:




Dim DVBViewer

Set DVBViewer = GetObject(, "DVBViewerServer.DVBViewer")
DVBViewer.HbbTV.LoadInBrowser "debug", 1
DVBViewer.HbbTV.Visible = 1


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Thank you for your response its very much appreciated.


Today by chance I installed new drivers for my TBS TV card and the BBCi player page now loads but plays no streams. I'm assuming its the same problem you have Ive loaded example images.


I was editing the wrong xml thank you for the location of the correct xml after adding your entry still no BBCi player streams play. Unfortunately I know nothing about Java script.

You say the file is updated by the server does this mean new web pages will install in future?


Ive now added other UK TV streaming pages with some success.


Thank you again






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It appears the situation is no different to the first post, if I try to use BBCi player whilst tuned to the BBC I instantly get "sorry red button+ is not supported on your device".


So is it that my hardware is not compatible? or the BBC blocking uncertified equipment?


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This is not a hardware related issue. Technically the service only works on certain certified devices and is blocked on the rest.

While you can fix at least the blocking at the start (by using different user agents), getting the video content is more complicated.

I did not debugged the bbc iplayer javascript, but it seem to be that the streams are protected and only played back with an british ip and it seem to be html5 used for rendering.

The DVBViewer tries to get the hbbtv.xml from our server on startup. If the date is newer than the one on your machine, it will replace the existing one. This helps in automatically fixing issues.


What other services you attempt to load?

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It seems i can not get any interface to apart from the stock ones supplied these are a few ive tried;

<item Title="Ch5" URL="http://www.channel5.com/demand5"/>
<item Title="TVcatchup" URL="http://www.tvcatchup.com"/>
<item Title="quest" URL="http://www.questtv.co.uk/video/"/>
<item Title="UK TV" URL="http://uktvplay.uktv.co.uk/"/>
<item Title="4 OD" URL="http://www.channel4.com/programmes/catchup/c4"/>
<item Title="You Tube" URL="https://www.youtube.com/"/>


Ive searched for catch up tv/streaming but none function properly none have interfaces which load or navigate like the BBCi am I trying to use the software for pages which are not really made for this purpose? as none work correctly they are either not letting me navigate or load out of screen so you can not see whats on the page.

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Not sure where you got the url's from the services, but they all don't behave like HBBTV/CEHtml pages. This is either because they are not designed for or because of the user agent. CH5 for example asks for flash. HbbTV is not Html, it is a subset of Html (like CEHTML). Since we use a Webbrowser based system, they should also work, but well when it comes for streaming there are often DRM related checks.

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I was naive enough to think I could just copy and paste web urls as the BBCi link works perfectly for loading and navigation is this due to it being html5? as you know though it will not stream.


I cannot find any information on usable links anywhere if you or anybody else can help i'd be most grateful.


Thank you again for all your help.

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