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How to scan Satellite Channels

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I've been using DVBViewer for many years now. I'm not that technically proficient with it, but I have enough skills to use it with DVB-T, DVB-S services and am using it with 4 different satellite dishes.Since the last two releases I don't seem to be able to scan for satellite transponders. In the earlier versions of DVBViewer you could manually select the hardware device, input individual transponder frequencies and SRs. There seemed to be lots of options to manually configure that seemed fairly straight forward and intuitive. Now, I am totally confused. Has someone created a step-by-step tutorial on how to do a channel scan? I am using Recording Service with DVBViewer and moved my config folder over from an earlier install. Everything works except doing satellite channel scans. I keep getting "no hardware", but viewing the existing satellite channels works fine, so obviously DVBViewer has no problem accessing the virtual tuners from the Recording Service.


Many thanks for your advice,



New Zealand


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Has someone created a step-by-step tutorial on how to do a channel scan?


Clicking the [?] button in the channel editor should direct you to the wiki page that has been updated lately.




Everything works except doing satellite channel scans. I keep getting "no hardware"


None of your DVB-S network devices is configured for handling channel group A which is the default on the Channel Search page. So I guess you need to select the appropriate channel group for the satellite position / dish / hardware that you want to receive / use.

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I got it sorted, after some slow learning! So I created/edited transponders in Transedit and then scan in DVBV. What confused me in Transedit is that it would only scan if the tuner hardware was in the Group A category. I have 4 different tuners and have my channels sorted by channel groups that exclusively work with the tuner assigned to that particular group. So if I want to scan with hardware that is not assigned to group A, transedit won't do it for me by default. Nevermind, I've got it done with some messing about. I preferred the old system, but that probably shows my age!


My next question is where has the Favorites Editor Gone. I can't see it. Is there some way to edit favorites in DVBV


Many thanks for your advice,



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Ignore my request about Favorites editor; I have found it.

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What confused me in Transedit is that it would only scan if the tuner hardware was in the Group A category.


Please note that TransEdit allows to assign a channel group to a transponder list: Right-click the list in question on the left side of the TransEdit main window -> select "Set Group" in the context menu. The default is group A (that's what you have encountered, I guess).


The transponder list group determines which hardware is used for scanning and which group is assigned to the scan results (the latter can be changed in the Export Settings section of the scanner window).

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    • stuboy
      By stuboy
      I have had DVBViewer for quite a few years now and always had the same problem. I hope one of you clever peeps can explain what the correct procedure is:-
      1) I open transedit with my 28.2 ini file that is stored in the DVBViewer directory ( I also have one in a directory C:/ProgramData CMUV?)
      2) I do a "Scan all" (that currently 78 transponders as of March 2015) I have filter 1 set to free to air and filter 2 set to both, It finds 390 channels.
      3) I press update all button and then close the scanner page.
      4) Then I remember to press the save button on the Transedit page, this i am thinking has updates the 28.2 ini file with all the channels it found during the scan?
      5) It looks like this has saved and opened from the CMUV directory, any idea why do i have 2 directories with similar info in?
      6) I copied the 28.2 ini so i have the same file in both places, as i dont know what i am doing.
      7) I open DVBViewer NOW WHAT should i do? I go to the TV/Radio tab and click on channel list, there isn't one, so I click on channel editor and then try and use the button bottom left, which says "Imports a channel list" Excellent i think I can import the list i have just saved, I select it and press open, the box closes and I'm back to the Channel list Editor with NO CHANNELS.
      Can someone please tell me what on earth i am doing wrong?
    • marianob85
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      From time to time I use transedit to refresh my program list.
      Because I have changed my DVB card and problem persist I decided to write.
      The problem concerns lot's of transponder frequencies so I only describe one case. I always use latest transponder list from http://pl.kingofsat.net/%C2'>
      There is no problem when scanning channels only from freq 11411 from Hot Bird 13E. But when I select two element next to each other ( it will be 11393 and 11411 ) the 11411 is not scanning (PAT, PMD, SDT is red ). The funny thing is when I select only 11373 and 11411 the 11411 is scanned correctly :/
      This is not just a problem with freq 11411. There is much more freq. which is not scanned while scanning using all freq. from transponder ( I always use ScanAll from TransEdit ). It always scan correctly when is selected as the only one.
      Right now I'm using Skystar 2 express HD. My previous card was SkyStar HD2 with the same result.
      Check with:
      Technisat Driver 4.6 and 4.7
      TransEdit 3.9.5 as well as 4.0.7
      Using Win7x64
      Moved card to completely different PC - problem persist ( the same os Win7x64 )
      All variances of:
      Stop stream while tuning Use internal Network Provider filter Use standard interface I really do not want to scan each freq. separately
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